A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Release Date, Cast and More

A Black Lady Sketch Show is a sketch comedy that has sketches put on by Black Women’s cast. After being delayed because of the pandemic, the series finally got renewed for a third season. Black Lady Sketch is all about showcasing the talent of African American women. It is really funny and a pretty insightful series as well. 

With the commencement of season 1 of the show, we see Angela Bassette as the leader of a support group described as “Bad Bitches” instead of just “okay bitches”. Shaela decides to skip her morning make-up routine to save her time and looks like a zombie from the walking dead. No makeup look isn’t good for your health. The group further learns about member benefits, such as six months of paid parental leave.

Season 1 premiered with a total of six episodes on August 2, 2019. The second season debuted on April 23, 2021, and the third on April 8, 2022. The series got a 100% rating on rotten tomatoes. This year, it got renewed for another season. In season 3, the crowd of Black Women attends a hair product dismissal. Ashley, Robin, Skye, and Gabrielle stir in a penthouse to find that an obscure ruffian controlled their view of the apocalypse.

A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Release Date

A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4
A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4

You all would be excited about the A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Release Date! As per the latest news, sources have confirmed that the show may come out in April 2023. However, nothing can confirm as the series has been renewed for a fourth installment this year and needs some time to be back with a bang. So, if you are disappointed about its unconfirmed release, you need not worry. You must have heard the saying, “Good Things Take Time.” Therefore, we anticipate the wait for its upcoming season will be worth it!


A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Cast 


The show revolves around Thede, Gabrielle Dennis, Ashley Nicole Black, and Skye Townsend. They play Black American women living engaging, clever encounters in a supernatural reality that undermines conventional assumptions and finds humor riffing on engaging topics — like ashy skin, hair problems, and the legislative issues of the Black church.


So if you are wondering who will be starting this beautiful journey, then we have a sneak peek at it.


  • Robin Thede 
  • Ashley Nicole Black
  • Gabrielle Dennis
  • Quinta Brunson
  • Skye Townsend
  • Laci Mosley


With such a brilliant storyline, it becomes essential to see how well the show’s social media presence is, and fans love it!


A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Doing Rounds on Social Media


A Black Lady Sketch Show had a handsome fan following on Twitter with 56.1k followers. Even Variety had shared about when the show makers won an award for directing and picture editing at Emmy’s. 

Besides, even Deadline Hollywood, Robin Thede, Television Academy, and For Better or Words, Inc have shared the news about their directing and picture editing on Twitter A Black Lady Sketch Show officials rejoiced and retweeted all of the tweets. In addition, fans have shared crazy memes and moments of the previous seasons on Twitter. However, despite the show’s Twitter ID being super-active, it seems they do not like to spill the beans by giving a roster to the upcoming season’s updates!


A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Trailer 

The show has already been renewed, and fans are curious to see the A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Trailer. Unfortunately, it seems quite disappointing as the trailer is not out yet despite three months to the show’s premiere. Though the trailer for this season is unavailable, you can keep streaming the show’s previous seasons and binge on their trailers before that.


A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Storyline

The show was created by Robin Thede, who also stars in the show. The storyline spins around Black ladies carrying on with an interesting yet funny life and encounters supernatural reality. The last episode of the third season aired on May 13. It is an HBO original. 

Season 3 tracks down Thede, Ashley Nicole Black, Gabrielle Dennis, and Skye Townsend, joined by a large group of VIP visitors. The reason and the episode subtleties for the impending season are not yet uncovered. However, the makers didn’t fail to exceptionally portray the A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 3’s storyline. Everything is precise and up to the mark, and critics have loved the Sketch comedy show. 

Though it is quite unpredictable as to what will be the storyline of the fourth season, you can watch the first three seasons and guess. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab in caramel popcorn, some jalapeño nachos with a salsa dip, and binge-watch limitlessly! Wondering where to watch? Here are some places to binge-watch this series – Prime Video, HBO, Hulu, etc.

A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Premiere Date

The show already received a renewal about three months ago! But unfortunately, despite that, we do not have a premiere date. Therefore, there are not many updates about the series. But, the makers would not disappoint us; it might be that the show will suddenly be out with the latest updates and a release anytime to surprise us! 

A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 Renewal Status

The show finally got officially renewed for the fourth part by HBO in June 2022, after the third season concluded in May 2022. 

The show got an IMDb rating of 7.2, so it is surely a good comedy series to watch. Each season has about 6 half-hour-long episodes. You can watch the first three seasons on HBO until the fourth season’s release. So stay tuned with us, and don’t forget to bookmark this page for the latest updates regarding the show.

Happy Binge-Watching!

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