Former Actor Micah Beals spotted Poking Passengers in NY City

9 February 2022: Pop Star Abraham (2013), starring Micah Joel Beals, aka Micah Femia, was seen harassing the metro passengers for wearing masks in a video clip.

TMZ shares a video clip that is creating a buzz on the internet, and a man told to be Micah Beals featured mocking a metro passenger over his mask by making gestures and abusing words.

He was seen continuously agitating the unknown person by calling him “Sheep,” “Scared,” and “Virtue Signalling.” The man sitting two seats away from Micah Beals tries to ignore the Actor in the first place, but the Actor continues his abusive behavior.

When Micah Beals doesn’t get any response from the unknown man, he starts disturbing the man more, making the man angry and taking action against Micah Joel Beals.

With the continuation of the video, we can see Micah’s misbehavior getting worse with the man. He started insulting the man by interfering in his activities badly.

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Micah stopped insulting the man when he noticed that someone was recording him; soon, he aimed at the camera and kicked the person who was recording the video. Finally, the video ended, showing Micah Joel  Beals insulting the video makers with abusive language.

This Compelling Video of Micah Beals’s disturbing passenger seeks everyone’s attention.

He previously got arrested for destroying the statue of George Floyd and stuck in a controversy.


Micah is active on social media!!!

Micah is not active on any social media for a long time. He doesn’t have any Facebook or Instagram accounts. Micah is only on Twitter, where he was last active in 2014.

Nowadays, he doesn’t appear in movies also. Although he was out of the spotlight for a long time, this viral video made him come on news headlines this week.

Who is Micah Joel Beals?

Micah Joel Beals, popularly known by his stage name Micah Femia is an actor and composer born in the United States of America in the ’80s. The Actor earned recognition after appearing in films like Lips Service, Sati Shaves Her Head, Beat the Street, Popstar Abraham, and Parks and Recreation.

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