Netflix Film Against the Ice 2 Release Date Confirmation!

March 4, 2022:   The real-life survival story ‘Against The Ice’ has set its foot on the OTT platform on Wednesday, 2nd March 2022. You can experience the entire film only on Netflix digitally following its premiere on February 15, 2022, theatrically.

The film ‘Against the Ice’ marked its official debut on Netflix by the time 3:00 a.m. E.T. and 12:01 a.m. P.T. on March 2, 2022. Since the release, the show makers have asked several times that will there be a part 2 of the film. The Against The Ice 2 Release date is not yet confirmed; however, the show makers have confirmed that they will make a sequel for the film. So, as of now the Against the Ice 2 is confirmed.

‘Against The Ice’ is a narrative grounded on actual survival events, penned by Nikolaj Coster Waldau and Joe Derrick and made under the direction of Peter Flint. Torben Forsberg does the movie’s filming on Iceland and Greenland’s barren and snowy regions. The film is established on the real-life survival story described by Ejnar Mikkelsen in a journal named ‘Two against the Ice.’

“The historical survival film Against The Ice premiered at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival and received mixed reviews from critics.”

Coster Waldau, Joe Cloe, Charles Dance, and Heida Reed, starring ‘Against the Ice,’ created a buzz among the audience after premiering on the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival under RVK studios and III production Kippers in association with Baltasar Kormakur.

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The 1hour 43 minutes long movie will not bore you as it narrates the venture of two young men struggling in the barren and icy lands and fighting to remain alive.

“wow! How do you react to being trapped in such a vast landscape?”

In a recent interview, the director of the survival drama Peter Flint shares his experience of choosing a perfect spot for making this movie. He says, “When I read the story, I went: Wow, How do you react to being trapped in such a vast landscape? This was the turning point, putting them in this pressure cooker. When I was doing my research, I took a trip up along the northeastern coast of Greenland with a navy ship, and we had a sledge patrol going into this hut. It was built out of a shipwreck over 100 years ago, and it is still there! The contrast between having all the space you need and then being trapped so close together – that was certainly the dynamic of the movie.”

Flint also shared the incredible presentation made by the movie cast that makes the movie look so natural and authentic.

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