American Housewife Season 6 Release Date, Cast, and More

How is Katie managing her personal and social life now? What will be the new drama in her life now? These are some of the common questions by the fans ever since the show wrapped up last year in March 2021. But, you need not worry as we are here to answer all your curious minds.

Created by Sarah Dunn, American Housewife is a comedy sitcom show. The story revolves around Kate Otto, better known as Katie Otto, who shifts with her family to Westport. The main plot is how she settles in a new place and her life with her children. In addition, she often seeks advice from her two best friends regarding her personal life issues.

The show was initially released on October 11, 2016, on ABC and got a positive response from the audience and critics. As a result, the show aired consecutively until season 5 on October 28, 2020. The show has 103 episodes with an average running time of 21 minutes. It concluded on March 31, 2021, with not-so-good news for its fans. So lets talk about American Housewife Season 6 Release Date, Cast, and More.

American Housewife season 6 Release Date

American Housewife Season 6
American Housewife Season 6

Unfortunately, we have bad news for the fans that the show won’t be returning for American Housewife Season 6. American Housewife Season 5 last aired on March 31, 2021, as the final episode of the series. However, even after a year, the show is still ruling its fan’s hearts, and they are demanding another season.

Every good thing has to end, and so does this show. However, the makers of American Housewife discussed the reason for dropping the next season. They revealed that the fourth and fifth seasons of the show suffered a loss in viewership, and it was below 3 million views. These numbers were even less than their previous seasons, which came down to 10%.

Though there seem negligible chances for the show to return, this miracle can still happen if any other streaming platform owns the show’s rights. It will be a treat for the fans of the show. Stay Tuned for more updates on this!


American Housewife season 6 Cast

American Housewife Season 6 is not returning officially to our screens, but the fans are still keen to see their favorite characters on the screen. If it happens, we can expect to see the main leads from the previous season reprise their roles. They are listed as follows:-

  • Katie Mixon as Kate Katie Otto. She is the show’s main character, and the plot revolves around her. She is a married woman and mother of three children who shifts to Newport with her family.
  • Diedrich Bader as Greg Otto. He plays the role of Katie’s husband, a professor of history at a University.
  • Meg Donnelly as Taylor Betsy Ross Otto. She plays the role of the teenage daughter of Katie and Greg.
  • Daniel DiMaggio as Oliver Duke Otto. He plays the role of middle child and only son of Katie and Greg.
  • Giselle Eisenberg is Anna-Kat Liberty Bell Otto. She plays the role of the youngest child of Katie and Greg Otto.
  • Ali Wong as Doris. She plays the role of Katie’s best friend, whom she often seeks advice.
  • Carly Hughes as Angela. She plays the role of Katie’s other best friend.


American Housewife Season 6 Trailer

The casting, filming, and production process takes place to release any show trailer. Unfortunately, the show was canceled for any further seasons after the last season, which aired in March 2021.

Therefore, there is no official trailer available for any upcoming seasons, but you can enjoy various fan-made trailers and edits on the internet. In addition, you can also enjoy the trailers of previous seasons exclusively on Youtube or its streaming platform, ABC.

American Housewife Season 6 Renewal Status

On ABC, the American Housewife sitcom was last renewed in 2020 and aired on October 28, 2020. The last episode of the show was released on March 31, 2021, as the final episode of the sitcom show. It was canceled after its 5 seasons due to very poor viewership reports of the last 2 seasons.  

The Conclusion

The sitcom show American Housewife has well entertained its fans for five consecutive seasons. However, after the news of the cancellation of the series, some of the show’s loyal fans were disappointed by the decision. The main lead roles of the show also confirmed the news on their official social media handle and thanked the fans for showering so much love upon them. They also shared their experience on sets, bonding with each other, and thanked the show’s makers for narrating the story so decently.

Though the reason for dropping the show was given less viewership than other seasons, it was praised decently by the critics. It has an 82% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.3/10 rating on IMDB. There are still hopes for the show to return if any other streaming platform owns its rights and decides to continue with it. The critic’s scores and love from their loyal fans may inspire the makers to continue with all-new stories.

If any of these things, we will update you the earliest. Till then, you can enjoy the previous seasons of the show.

Happy-Binge Watching!

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