American Song Contest Release Date, Trailer, Participants Participants

American Song Contest is produced by Propagate and Universal Television Alternative Studios. Audrey Morrissey, Christer Björkman, Anders Lenhoff, Peter Settman, Gregory Lipstone, Ola Melzig, Howard T Owens, and Ben Silverman are executive producers.

Netflix has released- Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. This show has starred two singers originating from Iceland. The two had participated in music celebrations. It has an indeed long history, as it’s going on since 1956, and participants have been from 52 different regions as 


American Song Contest or the ASC has been adapted from the Eurovision Song Contest or ESC. ASC is a music contest that will showcase original and live music performances amongst 50 states, five U.S. territories, and the nation’s capital. In this, all of the contests would be competing for the title of “Best Original Song.”

American Song Contest Release Date, Trailer, Contestants
American Song Contest

The American Song Contest(Premiere) Release Date – 21 March 2022 on NBC in the United States From 8-10 PM est.

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American Song Contest Participants ( Contestants ) 2022

The American Song Contest Participants List ( Contestants 2022 )

  • Sweet Taboo From California
  • Riker Lynch From Colorado
  • Michael Bolton From Connecticut
  • Nitro Nitra From Delaware
  • Tyler Braden From Tennessee
  • Grant Knoche From Texas
  • Cruz Rock From US Virgin Island
  • Savannah Keyes From Utah
  • Josh Panda From Vermont
  • Almira Zaky From Virginia
  •  D.C.: NËITHER From W. DC
  •  Alexis Cunningham From West Virginia
  • Jake’O From Wisconsin
  • Ryan Charles From Wyoming
  • Ale Zabala From Florida
  •  Ni/Co From Alabama
  • Jewel From Alaska
  • Tenelle From Samoa
  • Las Marias From Arizona
  • Kelsey Lamb From Arkansas
  • Stela Cole From Georgia
  • Jason J. From Guam
  • Bronson Varde From Hawaii
  • Andrew Sheppard From Idaho
  • Justin Jesso From Illinois
  • UG Skywalkin From Indiana
  • Alisabeth Von Presley From Iowa
  • Broderick Jones From Kansas
  • Jordan Smith From Kentucky
  • Yam Haus From Minnesota
  • Keyone Starr From Mississippi
  • Brett Seper From Missouri
  •  Jonah Prill From Montana
  • Jocelyn From Nebraska
  • The Crystal Method From Nevada
  • Brittany Pfantz From Louisiana
  • King Kyote From Maine
  • Sisqó From Maryland
  • Jared Lee From Massachusetts
  • Ada LeAnn From Michigan
  •  Mari From New Hamshire
  • Brooke Alexx From New Jersey
  • Khalisol From New Mexico
  •  Enisa From New York
  • John Morgan From North Carolina
  • Chloe Fredericks From North Dakota
  • Sabyu From Northern Mariana
  • Macy Gray From Ohio
  • Alexa From Oklahoma
  • Courtship From Oregon
  • Bri Steves From Pennsylvania
  • Christian Pagán From Puerto Rico
  • Hueston From Rhode Island
  • Jesse LeProtti From South Carolina
  • Judd Hoos From South Dakota

American Song Contest Host 

The participating nations here will be the Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa Guam, Puerto Rico, and many more. As per the American Song Contest plot, each representative of the nation has to perform an original song in the live broadcasting program of the country. And Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson are hosting the show. 


Who is a part of The American Song Contest’s Cast?

The American Song Contest Cast comprises several members, amongst which the major ones are:

  • Christer Björkman:- 
  • Peter Settman
  • Anders Lenhoff
  • Ola Melzig
  • Ben Silverman

You can watch The American Song Contest Trailer for 2022 on YouTube. It has been officially released.R.M.P-Home

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