Warren Beatty simply made Annette Bening’s Valentine’s Day Special

12 February 2022: Earlier this week, Popular American actress Annette Carol Bening shared her Valentine’s day plans in a show, ‘Kelly Clarkson show,’ when she was stopped by a reporter present at the front. The director and co-star of her movie “Death on the Nile,” Kenneth Branagh, was also invited to the show.

The ‘American Beauty’ starrer Annette Carol benings discussed the affectionate love life with her husband Warren Beatty even after 30 years of their marriage.

The couple loves to keep things simple and beautiful, and they like to spend more time with each other rather than expensive gifts. They figure out their schedules and works, then make plans together.

How do Annette Carol Bening and Warren Beatty keep their Valentine’s day?

Annette Carol Bening looks pretty relaxed and free about Valentine’s day in front of the show’s host, Kelly Clarkson.

Annette Bening

Annette confirmed that she and her husband Beaty like to keep holidays economical and straightforward.

While discussing her plans on Valentine’s day, Annette stated the host, saying, “It’s pretty no-pressure” she also added, “Valentine’s day is pretty low-key. He will generally make me like a little Valentine with just a little red felt pen and make a little heart. He’s very economical in his message.” The ‘American beauty’ star continued, “There’s nothing to buy for him. He’s one of those men, you cannot find anything that he…So, no, it’s usually something small; it’s a little note, it’s a flower, yeah.”

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The beautiful elderly couple is so in love with each other, and they have been happily living with each other for 30 years. Annette blushes when she explains their relationship saying, “Rules Don’t Apply.” Annette also talked about her first impression of her husband from the very first meeting saying, “He was incredibly intelligent.”

Kenneth Branagh, who was also invited to the show after hearing her actress’s love life, frankly mentions that Branagh does “bad poetry” for his wife Lindsay Brunnock, which makes her “eyes roll over on valentine’s day morning.”

Annette Carol Bening and Warren Beaty got married in 1992, and the adorable couple has two daughters and two sons together – Stephen (30), Ben (27), Isabel (25), and Ella (21).

Their first child bravely disclosed his identity as a transgender person in 2012.

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