Archive 81- Release Date, Storyline, Plot, and More! 

From Insidious to Resident Evil, The Conjuring to Anabelle, the thrill of horror movies is unmatched by anything in the real world! Though the general audience doesn’t prefer horror movies out of fear, fans are addicted. 

Horror movies are thrilling and suspicious at the same time. You may find yourself hooked to horror movies because it triggers your natural fears. Our emotions are at a peak while watching horror movies.

Be it parapsychology, claustrophobia, the zombie’s factor, anxiety, or anything else, horror movies revolve around all of these aspects. So, if you want suspicion, thrill, and horror in the upcoming year, then Netflix has a new series ready to unleash your fear! Undoubtedly, Netflix is a platform where you can binge in your free time and kick out your boredom.

Archive 81

Archive 81- Release Date, Storyline, Plot, and More! 

Archive 81 is an upcoming horror series. This is based upon a podcast series that shares the same name. The podcast is portrayed as a recorded horror podcast about rites, rituals, sounds, and stories. 

Sources explain that the Archive 81 storyline is focused on Dan Turner, who’s an archivist. He accepted a job to restore a destroyed videotapes collection from the early ’90s. Dan reconstructs a documentary filmmaker Melody Pendras who explores dangerous and risky followership. He is convinced by Melody’s statement and knows that he will save her from the horrible end she met 25 years before.

Archive 81 will be released on Netflix. It will have eight episodes with a run-time of 8 hours each. The podcast on which the story is based comprises three successful seasons. You can expect more seasons if the series proves to be a hit! 

Archive 81 Release Date

Netflix had initially declared that Archive 81 would be released in October 2020. However, maybe due to the pandemic or any other reason, it had been delayed. Now, Archive 81 Release Date is announced as 14 January 2022. The official Netflix Twitter account tweeted the upcoming shows in the new year, “2022.” 

The new shows include Season 2 Alice in Borderland, Season 3 Locke and Key, the animated series Army of the Dead: Las Vegas, Umbrella Academy, Stranger Stuff, and much more will be released as “Netflix Originals 2022.”

Archive 81- Here’s what you can expect! 

As mentioned earlier, Netflix gave a detailed summary of the Archive 81 plot that you can expect in 2022. It revolves around Dan Turner, an archivist. He gets a job to refurbish a destroyed collection of videotapes from 1994.

While refurbishing the documentaries of Melody Pendras, her investigative work of a dangerous happening in Visser apartments grabs his attention.

Gradually as the seasons uncover in various timelines, Dan Turner realizes that he’s keen to unleash the fact as what had happened to Melody. These two characters share a strange relation; still, Dan is confident that he will save her from the awful end she met 25 years ago.

Who all are a part of Archive 81 Cast?

Talking about the story’s protagonists, you will see two of them. Athie Will be seen in the role of Dan Tuner, the archivist. Shibabi will appear as  Melody Pendras.

We also have a list of supporting characters that include:

  • Martin Donovan
  • Julia Chan
  • Matt McGorry
  • Evan Jonigkeit
  • Ariana
  • Neal

Archive 81 Trailer

The remaining star cast will be revealed when the series releases. The release date is out. Despite this fact, the Archive 81 Trailer is not out officially. But for a glimpse, you may watch the official teaser that’s already out on YouTube.

Do binge on Archive 81 series as soon as it’s out! No matter what you say, I assure you that most of you will get goosebumps after watching it. 


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