Big News! Archive 81 Seasons 2 is not coming on Netflix. Here is what you need to know!

March 25, 2022: How insane would it be if Rebecca Sonnenshine would not be able to bring the Season 2 of Archive 81?

A whole dramatic series filled with thrilling horror sequences has made an impactful presence globally. Archive 81 is a thriller TV show that has made its way through the hearts of its audiences.

Season 1 of Archive 81 focused on Dan Turner, a video specialist fixing several problems related to old tapes in an apartment known as Visser. As we move forward with the storyline, we find several thrilling adventures which nobody can even think of! The writer of Archive 81 did a fantastic job when they wrote the story. In addition, the cast and the production managed to bring the best of cinematography, which made Archive 81 more appealing for the audience. 

In the end, Dan & Melody were able to connect dots between time and space, which opened up a portal for time travel. Viewers loved the ending and expected the Archive 81 season 2 to drop soon. But, will there be archive 81 seasons 2?

Latest News on Archive 81 Season 2

Since season 1 of Archive 81 made it to the top of the streaming services within its first three weeks, we expect that season 2 will be arriving soon! Though there is no official information about its making, we can be sure that season 2 will arrive. We say this confidently because during the first three weeks when Archive 81 season 1 streamed, the watched hour during that period was around 129.47 million hours. This says a lot about a show.

Rebecca will do everything to air Season 2 of Archive 81. However, I believe if you have to wait for something, then it will be more fruitful in the long run. We can’t promise if “Archive 81 Seasons 2 is not coming on Netflix“? But we promise that the Archive 81 season 2 will premiere around the end of 2022 or in early 2023.

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