Asap Rocky Net Worth

Rakim Mayers  was born in 1988, in Harlem who is famous and mostly known by the name ASAP Rocky. He is a well-known public figure and a wealthy American rapper. He originally grew interested in the world of music in elementary school where he had great interests for rap and by the third grade, he also had recorded his first rap record which led his confidence to greater levels today.

Asap Rocky Net Worth

  • Net Worth:       $10 Million
  • Date of Birth:   Oct 3, 1988
  • Gender:            Male
  • Height:             5 ft 10″
  • Age:                 33 years old
  • Profession:       Rapper, Record producer
  • Nationality:      United States of America

Asap Rocky Net Worth

A$AP Rocky’s current net worth in 2022 is $10m according to resources. Rocky’s net worth in 2022 will be $10 million, a fraction of his girlfriend Rihanna’s $1.7 billion wealth.

Quick FACTS About Asap Rocky

  • Aside from his music career, he launched his ASAP clothing line in 2013 and collaborated with high end fashion experts, namely close friend Raf Simons.
  • He signed a $3 million recording contract with RCA Records, Sony, and Polo Grounds Music, and quickly started touring, with $1.7m designated for solo work.
  • In 2007 he joined the Harlem-based A$AP Mob gang, and his name became well-known after “Peso”
  • When he was in primary school, he became interested in rap music, and by third grade, he had created his first rap compositions.
  • His another his is “Purple Swag.”


A$AP Rocky has some terrible recollections of being apprehended for an attack in Stockholm in 2019 as a result of a road brawl with Mustafa. He was allegedly punched and kicked throughout the event. A video showed what happened at the moment where he was being followed by two men. The scene was quite cozy and the situation became rough over time.

Another video has Mustafa getting his headphones breaking after a fight, and he using the earphones to pursue Rocky. ASAP’s On the surveillance video, the bodyguard is seen hitting Mustafa. He and his bodyguard were apprehended since there was a chance he may flee or falsify evidence, and Mustafa was transported to the emergency clinic by rescue vehicle.

They were detained at Kronoberg Remand Prison again until court appearance began on July 30, delaying Rocky’s visit. Following his detention, the US Embassy paid him a visit, his family sought assistance from Al Sharpton, and a great number of activists, political figures, and vocalists fought for his release, but with little success.

Love Life

From 2011 to 2012, he dated musician Iggy Azalea. Later he was engaged to Chanel Iman who is a model, in from 2013 to 2014. He is also dating Rihanna, and they are happy together.


This was a discussion on ASAP Rocky’s net worth in which we shared a fair share of his information. We disclosed how he got hit songs and rose to fame in a short span of time.


Which vehicles does Asap Rocky own?

ASAP Rocky is a well-known and wealthy American. In his spare time, he enjoys driving all of his vehicles. He has Porsche, Mercedes, and Range Rover. There are more that are not included in this list.

What is the net worth of ASAP Rocky?

He makes the most of his money from his albums and he has earned a great net worth, which are always enormous commercial successes. He also generates money by producing various records through his record label. His annual earnings are believed to be approximately $1 million.

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