Babylon Release Date, Cast, Trailer 2022

The La La Land director`s upcoming project Babylon has already created so much hype. The youngest Oscar winning director`s past ventures Whiplash and La La Land have already got the whole Hollywood talking.

And ever since the announcement of his next big project Babylon the internet has not kept calm. Even though the makers have tried to keep most information under the covers, we have some information regarding the release date, cast and plot. Let us dig right in:-

Babylon Release Date 2022

This Damien Chazelle directorial was initially going to hit the cinemas in 2021 but due to the sudden outbreak of Covid the second wave, the release of Babylon was pushed. Now the movie is all set to break all the records in September 2022. The final release date is not yet out but it can be around 23rd September.

We cannot hold our excitement for this mega venture to come out. We hope the delay is not pushed any further and we get to see the movie in the theaters in 2022 itself.

Babylon Cast

  • The upcoming movie has a huge list of famous names that are ready to join the cast and we cannot keep calm about it. The makers have tried to keep all the characters confidential yet but we do have the names of the celebrities already in the movie. 
  • The most prominent being Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, Katherine Watertson, Samara Weaving and Max Minghella 
  • Oscar nominated veteran actor Eric Roberts has also joined the cast along with Inception star Lukas Haas, Rory Scovel, Pj Byron and Damon Gupton.
  • Mexican actor Deigo Clava has also joined the cast along with British actor Jovan Adepo
  • The chinese star Li-Jun-li is all set to play a character as grand as Anna May Wong
  • Emma Stone was initially roped in for the role that Margot will portray now. 
  • One thing that makes this movie different is Haas and Gupton are the only returning actors and all the other actors are working for the first time with the director. 
  • There also might be some new names that have been casted in the movie which we have no information about. 
  • However with so many famous names in the movie we are now sure of big a project it is and what a great success it is going to be once it is out.

    Babylon Movie 2022
    Babylon Movie 2022

Babylon Storyline and Plot

  • The movie is going to be a period drama set in the 1920s when the silent film era gave way to talkies. We do not know the exact storyline yet but what we do know is that the movie is going to bring back a few of very famous names from the past into life once again.
  • Various industry figures including Clara Bow and writer Elinor Glyn are to be recreated in this amazing venture. There is no information on which actor will portray which character but what we do know is that Diego will play the role of a mexican boy who dreams to make it big in hollywood. 
  • This movie is definitely different from all the previous movies by the director as his movies are always based on music but this one is a period drama set in the silent film era. That too with big names like Brad Pitt starring in it.

Babylon Trailer/Teaser

There is no official trailer that has been released yet nor do we have any official word by the makers on when the trailer will be out. But the director in a few interviews has stated how important this project is for them and how the audience will not be disappointed by it. These words coming from the oscar winning director are enough for us to be patient and wait for the trailer to come out.

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In a Nutshell

The makers have not yet revealed so much information about the movie but it has got everyone so hyped up that we cannot wait for the movie to be out. We just hope that we get to see Babylon in theaters in 2022 itself and the release of the movie is not pushed back any further.


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