Berlin Station Season 4 Release Date, Cast and More Updates

These days thriller drama series are gaining more and more craze and popularity, particularly among youngsters. Such series have a huge fan base. Berlin Station is one of the recently premiered American drama series which enthralls the viewers with its engaging plot.

The protagonist Daniel Miller, an intelligent CIA officer, grabs the entire attention of the viewers with his amazing performance. If you are a Berlin Station fan, you must be eager to know about Berlin Station Season 4’s release date, cast, trailer, storyline, etc. We are here to help you with this; keep reading further.

Berlin Station Season 4 Release Date

Berlin Station Season 4

This is very heartbreaking news for all the Berlin Station fans that there won’t be any Berlin Station Season 4 for the series. After completing its three seasons, the producers called off the series on March 29, 2019. So, the series is not going to proceed with its fourth season.

Season 4 of Berlin Station may become possible if another OTT platform agrees to renew it. But as of now, there is no such information available regarding the renewal of the series.

Berlin Station Cast

Although, there are very little hopes for the renewal of the Berlin Station for Season 4. But in case some other OTT decides to renew it, then the main cast for the season will be as follows:

  • Richard Armitage will portray the role of Daniel Miller, who is the main lead in the series. Initially, he works in the U.S.A. but later shifts to Berlin to serve as an undercover agent.
  • Rhys Ifans will play the role of Hector DeJean, who is an experienced CIA officer who resorts to suspicious tricks while accomplishing his work.
  • Michelle Forbes will act as Valerie Edwards, a balderdash administrator at Berlin station.
  • Richard Jenkins may act as Steven Frost, an old-timer of the cold war. He acted in both Season 1 and Season 2 but made only a guest appearance in the third Season.
  • Other main actors who may appear in Season 4 include Tamlyn Tomita, John Doman, Keke Palmer, Ashley Judd, and Ismael Cruz Cordova.

If the producers decide to change the Berlin Station Renewal Status, there are wide possibilities for new additions.

Berlin Station Season 4 Renewal Status

This is saddening for the Berlin Station series’ fans that Epix officially canceled its renewal on March 29, 2019. Therefore, the viewers won’t be able to know the purpose of the cliffhanger provided by the third season. The third season of the series can be said to have a natural ending as the protagonist Daniel dies in the final episode. But still, there are high hopes for his return in Season 4 as his dead body was not found.

There is no clear announcement regarding the reason for its cancellation. However, one possible reason can be its high budget as the production and filming for the Berlin Station were very costly. In addition to that, MGM did not own the Berlin Station series.

Apart from this, the IMDb user ratings for the series faced a considerable downfall during the third season. Thus the series failed to generate enough profits for Epix. All these could be the reasons for Berlin Station Season 4’s cancellation.

Berlin Station Season 4 Trailer

Fans of Richard Armitage desperately want to see him in Berlin Station Season 4. Many of them must be waiting for Berlin Station Season 4 Trailer also. But as of now, there is no good news for the spy drama fans. We can hope that the series gets a renewal for the next Season.

The Conclusion

The Berlin Station is a thriller drama created by Olen Steinhauer. Its first three seasons have 29 episodes, each with a running time of 45-61 minutes. The series is full of adventures and entertains the viewers with its amazing storyline and perfect execution. It was first aired on October 16 2016, while the finale episode of the third season got premiered on February 17 2019. Since then, the fans are only waiting to get some positive update on its Season 4. Fans believe that Berlin Station Season 4 Storyline is something they are desperate to know about!

Well, we can not promise anything about Berlin Station Season 4. But, we will update this page for you if the producers make any announcements regarding its renewal. So, you can bookmark this page for Berlin Station Season 4 updates.

Have you watched all three seasons of Berlin Station? Then, you can tell us in the comments which season you liked the most.

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