Best In Dough Release Date, Cast and More Updates

Best In Dough is another cooking show in town that will surely entrance you. Cooking shows have a way with the audience, whether about competitions or challenges. Seeing the chefs cook their dishes and their results is always something to look forward to. It is even more exciting when it comes to competitions. The happiness you get from guessing the winner is always the best. These are reasons why people have been lining up to find out everything they can about Best In Dough’s upcoming series.


Get some munchies and keep reading to find out all you can about the release date, cast, storyline, trailer, and more about Best In Dough.


What Is The Release Date Of Best In Dough?


The release date of the first episode of Best In Dough is September 19. After that, the series fans will be in luck because they usually will not have to wait very long for every episode. With each Monday, new episodes will come out. 


Two episodes will air on Monday in its first and second week, and in its third week, Hulu has decided to air four episodes. If things go right, this means that Best In Dough will finish airing all of its episodes by October 3, 2022, just three weeks after it first airs, and fans are all here for it. Usually, fans of Hulu shows have to wait for one episode per week, but it looks like Hulu decided to change the pattern this time. 


What Is Best In Dough About?


As it has already been mentioned, Best In Dough is a cooking competition show. But what type of cooking competition is it?


In this show, the main star will be the delicious and cheesy-looking pizzas! The contestants will make their pizzas, the hosts will host, and the judges will judge, the same thing all over. Contestants from teenagers to elders in their 70s will be coming on the show to make pizzas and to battle it out for $10,000.


Who Is The Host Of Best In Dough?


Let us start by talking about the host of Best In Dough first. Most of the time, the hosts of these shows are famous chefs, food influencers, or even a comedian. However, to the pleasure of The Bachelorette fans, Wells Adams, a contestant in the 12th season, is the host of Best In Dough. He is total upto the task since he even has his podcast. The show continues with some power-packed performances of making the best pizza in the town.


Who Are The Judges Of Best In Dough?


Now, who are the judges of Best In Dough? According to Hulu, the head judge will be chef Daniele Uditi, who specializes in making scrumptious pizzas. He will be joined by three more judges, Bryan Ford, Millie Peartree, and Eunji Kim. Best In Dough


Bryan Ford is an award-winning bread maker and is also the author of New World Sourdough. Millie Peartree is a dessert genius; just tasting her desserts will make you go to heaven. As for Eunji Kim, she is a popular comedian and a food influencer, and she knows what is in trend. These three will be judging the pizzas of the contestants in Best In Dough together. 


Who Are The Contestants Of Best In Dough?


The Best In Dough contestants will represent many states and develop ideas for varieties of pizzas. The contestants will be divided according to their specialties and backgrounds, such as nonnas, pizza champs, and fine dining. 


The contestants will consist of many professionals and social media influencers. Professionals like Leah Scruto, an award-winning Pizza Chef from California, and Amanda Morris, who was previously in Supermarket Stakeout, are part of the contestants. In addition, social media influencers like Shealyn Coniglio, who makes countless pizza-themed videos, and Scott wiener, a historian and columnist of New York Pizza, will compete in the show. We are sure they will make the audience feast on tension-filled and thrilling battles. 


Check Out The Trailer For Best In Dough


We would be lying if we said the trailer for Best In Dough was not enthralling. The host, Wells Adams, starts the trailer with great words, ” At a time when there seems to be no agreement on anything, pizza is one great unifier.” We can all agree on this. Then he welcomes pizza fanatics as he tells us what we are in store for while watching Best In Dough. As he says, the show will consist of Pizza Champs, Mothers and Daughters, College Students, Nonnas, Influencers, and Pitmasters who will be up for a fiery challenge.


Despite the heat of the challenge, the contestants can be seen having fun chats while preparing their pizzas. But wait a minute, this is not like every pizza show. Instead, the contestants will be given mind-boggling challenges through which they have to amaze the judges with. The contestants already seem confused and anxious because of the challenge. They are nervous to see how the judges will react. Not to forget, the audience will see great mashups while watching the show. As every cooking show has, there will be mishaps along the way.


With some contestants feeling unsure about their creations while something burns in the oven, the show will never have a dull moment. The moment that surprised the viewers was when Wells Adams asked the contestants to make a pizza with no dough. Lets dough!


Reaction To Best In Dough On Social Media


Many stars have come to Twitter to share news about the show with their fans. These stars consist of Well Adams and Daniele Uditi. It would be no exaggeration to say that fans are hyped for the series and can’t wait to see what kinds of pizzas they will be watching being made in the series. So get ready to watch Best In Dough only on Hulu!


Did you watch the show? Let us know which is your favorite contestant from the show. Stay tuned and bookmark our page for further updates and news regarding the show.

Happy Binge-Watching! 


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