Full List of Oscar Nominations 2022 Best Picture

The popular Academy Award for Film Folklore is given each year to several stars and movies for their brilliant performances. Oscars’ worldwide acclaim makes it the most prestigious award. The winners receive a gold-plated trophy as recognition for their performance. 

From best costume to screenplay, for best actors to the best movies, Oscar honors them all. Though it’s the most recognized award in the American and International Film Industry, many other artistic talents receive recognition, making it to the Oscars for their performance. What’s creating curiosity amongst fans worldwide is who will make it to the Oscars. We don’t know about it as of now but let’s look at Oscar Nominations 2022 for “Best Picture.”


Full List of Oscar Nominations 2022

The following is the list of Oscar nominees for Best Picture 2022: 

  • Belfast


Belfast, a modern-day 2021 British Irish film, is written by Kenneth Branagh. The movie is of the comedy-drama genre showcasing several actors and actresses. It features Judi Dench, Ciarán Hinds, Caitríona Balfe, Jamie Dornan, Colin Morgan, and Jude Hill’s newbie. The movie has been said as Branagh’s “most personal film.” It is a semi-autobiographical movie. 

Belfast revolves around a middle-class labor family who was protestors. Everything is portrayed from the perspective of a 9-year-old boy. They reside in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

During the violent times of turmoil in the region in the late 1960s. His neighbors were thrown away from their homes due to religious/political conflicts. 

What makes the movie remarkable is its screenplay and plot! Moreover, the way the situation is tackled is worth watching. The stars showcase an impressive performance.

Release Date: 12 November 2021

Directed By: Kenneth Branagh

  • Coda

Coda is another awesome movie of 2021. Sian Heder wrote the comedy-drama movie. The movie revolves around Emilia Jones, who’s an infamous CODA. Since she was the only child of deaf parents. So Emilia was known as Coda (child of deaf adults). Therefore, she was known as the only hearing member of her family. Eugenie, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Daniel Durant, and Troy Kotsur are supporting actors. 

The film is more popular due to its cast performance as specially-abled. The film has been nominated for several awards, like the Star Screen Guild awards

Release Date: 13 August 2021

Directed By: Sian Heder

  • Don’t Look Up

Written and produced by Adam McKay, Don’t Look Up is a doomful black comedy film. The movie was released in 2021. The star cast consists of actors/actresses like Leonardo DiCaprio, Rob Morgan, Tyler Perry, Jonah Hill, Ron Perlman, Ariana Grande, Meryl Streep. Don’t Look Up showcases the story of two astronomers who try to warn humans about a comet that is about to disrupt the human race. 

All of this happens due to climate change. The movie is a taunt of political media and weather issues. Praised by several critics, the movie made it to the Oscar Nominations due to its incredible plot yet conveying a social message for human civilization.

Release Date: 5 December 2021

Directed By: Adam McKay

  • Drive My Car

Ryusuke Hamaguchi co-wrote a Japanese Drama movie, Drive My car, which is based on the short stories of Haruki Murakami sharing the same name. It was from the collection of Men Without Women in 2014. The story features Yūsuke Kafuku, whose character is played by Hidetoshi Nishijima. 

The story starts with Yusuke’s uncle in Hiroshima and wraps up with his wife, Oto. Drive My Car received a huge appraisal from both critics and the audience. Moreover, its world premiere occurred at ten Cannes Film Festival where it competed for Palme d’Or and therefore earned three prizes. 

One of the included awards for Best Screenplay. At other Award functions, it was nominated as well. The movie also won the prize for Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globe Awards.

Release Date: 20 August 2021

Directed By: Ryusuke Hamaguchi 

  • Dune

If you’re a Sci-Fi film lover, then you must have watched the movie Dune. If yes, you would be excited to know that its wondrous tale has finally made it to the Oscars. It’s an American Sci-Fi epic written by Villeneuve, Eric Roth, and Jon Spaihts. The movie is not complete but the first part of a 1965 book’s story. Dune is set shortly revolving around Paul Atreides and his family. 

The noble House is plunged into a war for a destructive desert planet, Arrakis. Dune’s cast comprises popular ones like Oscar Isaac, Timothée Chalamet, Josh Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson, Stellan Skarsgård,  Stephen McKinley Henderson, and many more.

Release Date: 22 October 2021

Directed By: Dennis Villeneuve 

  • King Richard

Zach Baylin writes an American biographical film, King Richard. The movie focuses on the life of Reinaldo Marcus Green, who’s the father-cum-coach of renowned Tennis players Serena Williams and Venus Williams. Will Smith is seen here in the lead role, and other stars like Jon Bernthal, Aunjanue Ellis, and Demi Singleton are also seen. 

Richard takes both of his daughters to tennis coach Paul Cohen. However, they couldn’t afford professional coaching, and Paul refused to train them for free. Richard, therefore, devotes his maximum time and efforts to his children’s tennis training. No doubt, they become a star in the ascendant. Richard thus proves to be an ideal father. 

Release Date: 19 November 2021

Directed By: Reinaldo Marcus Green

  • Licorice Pizza

A modern-day romance-based drama tale written by Paul Thomas Anderson, Licorice Pizza is one of the best movies by its producers and cinematographers. It received worldwide acclaim from film critics and several awards and was nominated several times. Licorice Pizza MGM’s first movie after 33 years has been nominated for the award of “Best Picture” in the Oscars 2022. The movie’s star cast includes Cooper Hoffman, Alana Haim, Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, Tom Waits, and Benny Safdie. 

It showcases June, who randomly comes across an amusement park in a destructive statement. Seeing the situation, she decides to fix the park with her creative mind.

Release Date: 26 November 2021

Directed By: Paul Anderson and Dylan Brown

  • Nightmare Alley

Do you love something out-of-the-box? If yes, then Nightmare Alleys was one of the popular American psychological thriller movies released in 2021. Del Toro and Kim Morgan are involved in the movie’s screenplay. Nightmare Alley is based upon 1956’s novel sharing the same name. 

The movie showcases Bradley Cooper in the lead role, who is shown as a mysterious, decent, and goal-oriented carnival role. The character of Bradley is of an ambitious personality who works tirelessly to achieve his goals. 

Bradley Cooper, in the role of Stanton Carlisle, burns his home after keeping a dead body inside it. Several miseries happen. Later on, he secures a job as a mentalist in a carnival. Its unique concept, screenplay, and plot make you an addict.

Release Date: 17 December 2021

Directed By: Guillermo del Toro

  • The Power of the Dog

Jane Campion writes another psychological western drama movie, Power of the Dog. The plot is based upon Thomas Savage’s novel of 1967 that shares a similar name. The Power of the Dog features Benedict Cumberbatch,  Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst, and Kodi Smit-McPhee. Its story revolves around feelings involving love, sorrow, jealousy, human sexuality,  and bitterness. 

The Power of the Dog had its worldwide premiere at the 78th International Film Festival. Moreover, the movie is popular amongst animal lovers. It is critically acclaimed for its cinematography, direction, screenplay, and storyline. 

The movie also stands amongst the best movies of 2021. All of it gives it a reason to be nominated for Oscars 2022.

Release Date: 11 November 2021

Directed By: Jane Campion

  • West Side Story

A romantic movie lover? If yes, then you must be aware of the West Side Story. It’s an American musical-based Romantic movie of 2021. Tony Kushner is responsible for the screenplay of the movie. West Side Story stars Ansel Elgort, Ariana DeBose, Rachel Zegler, David Alvarez, Rita Moreno, and Mike Faist. 

The story writing began in 2014, and its casting began in September 2017. Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim are responsible for the beautiful music in the movie. The movie had its worldwide premiere at Jazz’s Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater in NYC. 

However, another release was delayed due to the pandemic. It is a beautiful ploy; screenplay, music, and performance took it to several awards and nominations. That’s the reason it has made it to the Oscars 2022.

Release Date: 10 December 2021

Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Oscar Nominations 2022 Best Picture
Oscar Nominations 2022 Best Picture

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The Conclusion

The Best Picture will be known only after the ceremony happens.  However, from early sources and analyzing all the movies, it seems that Nightmare Alley will win the Oscar 2022 for Best Picture. Nightmare Alley, the psychological thriller, is something that will lift your excitement and keep you hooked up throughout the movie and won’t let boredom kick in.


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