Big Gold Brick Release Date, Cast, Trailer 2022

After being postponed twice in 2021, this Megan Fox starrer venture is finally set to release in February of 2022. With the directorial debut of the talented Brian Pestos and such an enthralling cast, including Megan Fox, the movie has already created quite a buzz. Now that it is finally released, we cannot wait to spill some tea. In this article, we will talk about the plot, storyline, characters, and trailer of the movie in-depth.

Big Gold Brick Release Date 2022

Big Gold Brick is set to get its OTT and theatrical release on February 25, 2022. The American venture, directed by Brian Pestos, was supposed to be released in 2021. However, the movie was postponed from July 2021 to mid-2022 due to the covid19 situation and several other reasons.

The movie will now come out in February, and we hope the release is not pushed back now. Meghan fans cannot wait to see her magic on the screen again.

Big Gold Brick Cast 2022

  • The cast includes some talented actors playing some really interesting characters in this upcoming movie. Megan Fox plays the role of Jacqueline
  • Lucy Hale will be seen as Lily, and Andy Gracia will play Floyd. Oscar Isaac will play Anselm
  • Emory Cohen will play the role of Samuel. Shiloh Fernandez has been roped in to play the role of Roy and Fredrick Schmidt, which will be seen in Percy’s role. 
  • Andy YU and Tim rock will also be a part of the cast as Chin and the Lawyer; Rebecca Amazallag and Alys Crocker will also be a part of the cast. Chris Gleason and Leonidas Castronius will also be a part of the film. 
  • The other mentions include Steven Swadling and Sergio Rizzuto
  • The cast looks promising, with such talented names as Isaac and Fox being a part of the venture. We do not know many details about the characters yet, but we are sure that the actors will do the utmost justice to their roles. 
  • There are also new editions to the cast some new actors, and we do not know much about them yet, but whatever it is, we are sure this one will be a fun venture to witness.

Big Gold Brick Storyline

The film traces the developments that go on while writing a biography; it revolves around Samuel, a callow writer assigned a task to write a biography for someone by Floyd. However, what he goes through while writing the biography is astonishing. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact plot and storyline of the movie yet. The makers didn’t reveal the kinds of characters that the actors will play; what is in the film, we might only get to see that in the theaters or whenever it is Streamed.

Big Gold Brick 2022
Big Gold Brick 2022

Big Gold Brick Trailer 2022


The official trailer of Big Gold Brick has already been released on youtube and other social media websites. The trailer gives us some insights into what the movie will look like, including some exciting skills. It is challenging for us to wait at all those stills. The two-minute trailer will take you through the life of a writer and all the struggles he has to face.

The trailer did not reveal all the essential details, it gave us some idea of what the movie will look like, and I believe we should keep our hopes up from it.

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In a Nutshell

The cast, trailer, and storyline look so promising that the movie will surely make its mark at the Box Office. We have to witness what magic Brian has created in his directorial debut. With Actors like Megan and Isaac, fans are excited to see their favorite actors on screen and what justice they have done to the roles they play. We are waiting for the movie to be released soon to give our final verdict.


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