Billy Bob Thornton was Unaware About his Son’s Second Child for 18 Months

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27-year-old Harry James Thornton, the son of Billy Bob Thornton, revealed a big secret. He admitted that his father didn’t know about his second daughter Nikita’s existence for 18 months. Though surprising, it raises curiosity amongst us as to why he hid!

Later after confession, Harry laughed. He said that he already had Mia when his second daughter was born. When Mia was born, he didn’t have money, and so Harry had to borrow money from his dad for the same. Harry was around 19 years old when her second daughter was born to her fiance Magi.

Harry James Thornton is 27-year-old now, but during that time, he would meet his dad once or twice a week. He never revealed the fact then.

He further explained to Redmond Parker that he feared his father would lose his calm. Also, he didn’t want his father to know how immature he was!

But the most amazing part is that Billy Bob Thornton wasn’t mad at all. He didn’t lose his calm. Harry opened up the fact later to his father. Billy Bob Thornton laughed instead and didn’t find any reason to lose his calm over the situation. This situation is impossible to imagine. Harry’s reason to hide his second daughter from his dad seemed pointless to him.

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What are Harry James Thornton’s Goals as a Father?

Harry James Thornton shared his childhood experiences and what kind of a father Billy Bob Thornton was! He added that his father traveled a lot and had plenty of work. Despite the fact, his father ensured that he spent quality time with him and his brother.

Harry said that it inspires him to become a father like Billy Bob Thornton was! It means Harry will try his best to spend quality time with his daughters without compromising his work.

Meta: Explore the surprising reasons behind the fact that Billy Bob Thornton’s son didn’t reveal his second daughter to him!

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