Black Market Season 3 Release Date, Cast and More Updates

The black market is a series about how Emmy-assigned actor Michael K. Williams abandons scripts as he takes on what Viceland calls “his most private venture to date.” As the series commences, He meets individuals who violate the law and put on the line all they have simply to get by. Michael also talks about his challenges regarding addiction, wrongdoing, and neediness. 

The black markets investigated in the series incorporate South African anglers who depend on poaching to make due and a narcotic-based hack syrup that is becoming well known in the United States. Michael Williams himself hosts the show, and it is his final documentary project. The series got an exceptional IMDB rating of 8.1, which is quite a decent rating. You can watch this series on VUDU, Prime Video, Apple TV, etc.

Black Market Season 3
Black Market Season 3

The series tries to portray that everyone does whatever they do for a reason. William says with regard to the second season – “It’s like they say — if the system fails you, you create your own system.” Michael was a talented narrator, he emptied his entire being into his work as his life depended on it, whether on-screen or off-screen. The black market was much more to Williams, just a normal show. It was a mirror of his everyday experiences. 

Black Market Season 3 Release Date

Anything about the Black Market Season 3 is not known yet! Be it its making, renewal, production, or anything similar, nothing is known yet. Therefore, the release date of the third installment of the black market is yet to be announced. Rather, we would say it will be too soon to expect a release date.

Black Market Season 3 Cast

This over-the-top series dropped by VICETV has an equally amazing cast. Its cast is an Apple of the eye to the show. Nothing seems wondrous without their amazing chemistry, fine acting, sometimes intense, sometimes crazy BTS moments.

William’s death last summer was unfortunate and shocking news to the industry. Unfortunately, we cannot change our destiny but rather have to gear up to see the Black Market Season 3 Cast without him! 

Besides, the rest of the cast from previous seasons includes-

  • DJ Hollygrove 
  • O.G. Ron C.
  • Rosie Perez 
  • Felicia Pearson 
  • Tracy Morgon

If another season comes up, you can anticipate some of them recurring in Season 3.

Black Market Season 3 Making Rounds on Social Media

There are a few updates about the Black Market Season 3 on Social Media. Unfortunately, even the feedback from critics about the second season is not available much.

However, one or two reviews are available on Rotten Tomatoes, which shows that season 2 is pretty good! So, rather than waiting for another season till then, you can tune into season 2! You will thus be entertained and can anticipate what to expect in the upcoming season.

Black Market Season 3 Trailer

Trailers are a fantastic treat to the fans, more precisely, a melting pot wherein we get an idea about the release date, playback, a bit of storyline idea, some information about the cast, and similar. Since the Black Market Season 3 Trailer is not out yet, you cannot expect much at the moment. You can wait, but you should watch the previous season’s trailers to reprise the moments and entertain yourself.

Black Market Season 3 Storyline 

Since no other show shows this side of illicit trade that the black market showcased, the show will continue even after Michael’s death. The show portrays the illicit trade’s dark side through Williams’s eyes. Goldman says that he wants to carry on William’s legacy since this show was highly important to William.

The show mainly focuses on showcasing the black market and how technology is affecting the market. The directors believe that it is highly significant that people know about the black market to have their own perspective on this topic. Therefore, they want to educate people about the black market. In this series, William enacted the role of a real-world journalist. 

As said by William, “Black Market’ definitely left an emotional void in me, I met so many bright spirits and broken people, so many people I wish I had the resources to help them on their quest. I struggled with that for a long while after we wrapped that show.” The first season of the black market premiered on 5th June 2016, and it ran for 12 episodes.

As the series moves forward, William tries to find out the reasons behind the rise of the black market and other cultural reasons why and their reasons for existence. Furthermore, William tries to uncover the secret behind how rich people get even richer and the role of the IRS behind it.

Black Market Season 3 Premiere Date 

You do not have to wait much longer for the show after its premiere date. But, until now, VICETV has not yet announced the premiere date of the show’s third installment. You can expect it soon after the show renews and production completes!

Black Market Renewal Status 

There is no official announcement for the renewal of this show. Though, it most likely will renew for another season. Maybe the show is on a break after suffering a great loss, or it is yet to be scheduled. But the directors and crew expressed how they wanted to keep William’s spirit alive throughout this show, and you can easily predict that the show will soon renew.

The show’s third season would have been renewed by now, but makers are taking some time after William’s death to gear up with the same spirit again! 

Until then, you can watch seasons 1 and 2 of the show on ViceTV, and you will surely be worth watching. So stay tuned, and don’t forget to bookmark our page for further updates regarding the show.


Happy Binge-Watching! 

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