BTS Instagram Pics Reveal Billie Eilish’s Bleeding Knee

Rose to fame with the “Lost Cause,” Billie Eilish was all set to start with her “Happier Than Ever” six-month tour. Her zeal and enthusiasm were very well reflected in her performance. Her most-talked tour’s first show occurred on February 4.

Fans were excited about her show. They adored her by revealing the “We Miss You” signboards. Overwhelmed by fans’ love and the show’s success, Billie took over to Instagram and shared the pics.

Billie expressed her fascination by captioning the pictures as, “FIRST SHOW OF TOURRRRRRRRR!!!! NEW ORLEANS YOU WERE AN ABSOLUTE PERFECT START I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!.”

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No doubt fans were impressed, but they found something troublesome in them. The last photo portrayed a bloodied knee injury. One of the photos also reveals that the 20-year-old’s Nike socks have been stained by a trail of blood flowing from one of her knees.

Her bloody unbandaged knee created worries in the minds of her fans. People from all around the world are making different assumptions! However, we think her stitches must have been torn during the performance.

All her fans poured their emotions into the comments section. You receive love when you do everything with dedication, hard work, and a lot of effort.

What truly impressed her fans was not only her performance but her continuous struggle and energetic performance that she achieved with a bleeding knee!


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