Business Proposal Season 2 Release Date, Cast and More

A South Korean Tv show called “Business Proposal” is now looking to come up with their all-new season. It is famous, and the storyline of season one is Indeed a great one. After getting great success in Season one, the series will release Business Proposal season 2. 

“Business proposal”, also known as “The office blind date”, has gained a massive response from all their fans. The first season has got 8.9 IMDB out of 10. The reviews were all positive, and people of this modern world liked it very much. 

Neither SBS TV (the show’s streaming partner) nor the show’s creators have announced the season two release dates. However, we expect the dates should be announced very soon, maybe at the end of season one.

Business proposal Season 2 Release Date

Season one of the business proposal is still airing on Tv, so it’s hard to expect any dates for Business proposal Season 2. However, as soon as the season ends, which might be by April 5, 2022, we can expect some news from the show’s creators.

No official news has been out yet for the Business proposal Season 2 release dates, but there are chances to hear them anytime soon. As per the report, we’ve gathered information that the show might release its season two in early 2023 or mid-2023.

Business Proposal Cast

As no controversies have been found yet for any characters, we might be able to see the same cast for season two. In addition, there are possibilities to see some new faces with some extraordinary characters in season two. 

Down here is what we expect the cast will be in season two:-

  • Ahn Hyo-seop will play Kang Tae-mu. The character is a graduate of Harvard University and is a new CEO of Ha-ri’s Company.
  • Kim Se-Jeong will continue to play the role of researcher at Go food as Shin Ha-ri.
  • Seol In-Ah is playing Jin Young Seo. Her character is a close friend of Ha-ri and a marketing team leader of Marine beauty.
  • Kim Min-kyu will continue to play his character as Cha Sung-Hoon. He is like a brother to Tae-mu and a chief of staff at Go Food.

Business proposal season 2 Trailer

Season one is still airing, but the hopes are higher for season two. Unfortunately, no official dates have been announced yet by any of the top-tier people of this show. It is expected that the trailer might be released at the end of 2022. It can also be possible that it will come out a month before the Premiere of season two of the show.

The first season trailer was a perfect one. The trailer hits more than 600k Views and with more than 20k likes. So, if we go with numbers, the Business proposal show has gained some massive digits worldwide.

Business proposal season 2 Storyline

The season one storyline till now was interesting. With all those blind dates and suspense, the creators made this show astonishing. The season two storyline is quite hard to catch. The conclusion we saw till the latest episode of season one was:-

  1. Tae-mu is the new CEO of Ha-ri’s company.
  2. Cha sung-hoon and young seo fall in love.
  3. Ha-ri requested young seo to replace her for the blind date, which was set to be with Tae-mu.

The end of the show is still yet to air. So the new season storyline will depend on how the season one finale will end. Is it the suspense we will get or a happy/sad end? 

Business proposal Season 2 Premiere Date

As we have seen, season one premieres on February 28, 2022, and the show finale is on April 5. Till then, it’s hard even to expect any dates for Season 2 Business Proposal. We all will depend on trustworthy sources and officials for the dates scheduled for Premiere and series release dates. 

Neither Netflix had announced anything nor the TV streaming partners for the sequel. However, we hope to hear the words for updates very soon. 

The conclusion

Season one is not yet completed, and the show had a viewership of around 2 million people worldwide. The numbers show how great this Tv series is for our 21st-century world. The drama, suspense, romance, and catchy lines made this show worth watching. 

What do you think about this show? Do we need more seasons, or are we happy with one? Let us know in the comments about your thoughts. Are you watching Business Proposal Season 1? Stay Tuned and Bookmark this page for regular updates and news regarding the show.

22 thoughts on “Business Proposal Season 2 Release Date, Cast and More”

    • Yes! Let there be a season 2!!! I want to see a wedding!!! For both couples! I don’t speak or read Korean but I read the subjects and I thought it was a great series. I would have been happy with a marriage and having a happy ending but there is a cliffhanger so I want Season 2!!!! Love it! 🤩🤩💖💖😎

  1. Season 1 story line and acting skills of all cast were excellent. Therefore, information us of the release date for season 2.
    Respectfully, submitted by Ziamiah Akil.

  2. I loved the show & it was so funny. I need a season 2 & 3 please. It was romantic, well written and made for any couple. I loved the music in the show as well. Please keep the seasons coming

  3. It would be a mistake to not roll out season 2 of Business Proposal. There are a lot of unanswered questions and more to learn about the couples and their families. The actors are excellent, but Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo, Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri,are outstanding. Be sure Kim Se-Jeong sings because her voice is superb.

  4. It would be a mistake to not roll out season 2 of Business Proposal. There are a lot of unanswered questions and more to learn about the couples and their families. The actors are excellent, but Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo, Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri,are outstanding. Be sure Kim Se-Jeong sings because her voice is superb. This is my first post and I’m doing this because I really enjoyed most of the episodes..

  5. Definitely need a second season. Still so many unanswered questions. I would love to see their wedding and all the crazy things they would have to do to get that done.

  6. Are you crazy or just stupid, we must have a season 2 & 3 of business proposal. This is one of the best international k drama on Netflix. The music is great, the storyline is romantic and the talent is wonderful. Why would you end a k drama when the world is watching and loving the drama. Please don’t take the joy of coming home from work, and going straight to the tv for what! Business Proposal .

  7. I think this is not the end .A beginn of a secundary History and more. Shin Ha-Ri can sing and is a idea she becoms a Star .Sie sing for the CEO and a friend from him see and hear hear and want make a Demo Tape . This Song gon viral in the net and was a Place number 1 .

  8. I just End up watching the Season 1 & Really hoping for Season 2 to complete / Continue the story about both couples – Cha Sung Hoon – Jin Young Seo &
    Kang Tea Mu – Shin Ha Ri… Please

  9. I hope you will make loads more seasons because when i saw there was only one season i got very upset there need to be more im in love with the show and the couple is perfect for eachother please make more seasons

  10. I would like to see Grandfather/Chairman Kang have a love interest in season 2! Looking forward to Season 2. I watched all of season 1 in a week! Loved all the characters.


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