Carter 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline, and more

Carter is an up-and-coming new South Korean action thriller that Jung Byung-Gil directs. It will feature Joo Won in the role of Carter, the lead, alongside some prominent actors such as Lee Sung-Jae, Jeong So-ri, and Kim Bo-min.

The narrative centers on a guy who awakens in a motel room without any memory of who he is other than the woman’s voice calling him Carter in his ear. He then finds himself in the middle of a thrilling operation while dodging several factions of individuals.

Netflix owns the production and distribution rights to Carter under Netflix Originals. Carter will be available for streaming on August 5, 2022. Currently, Netflix has not announced Carter’s renewal for a sequel. There is also no news or rumors regarding the production of Carter 2.

Carter 2 Release Date

It is hard to predict the release date for Carter 2 as the prequel hasn’t even been released. The prequel, Carter, will be released later this year on Netflix on August 5, 2022. Based on how Carter performs, Netflix will be deciding if Carter 2 will be released or not. There is no official confirmation from Netflix that Carter will even get a sequel.

Carter Cast

Some of the prominent cast members who Netflix specified for Carter are:-

  • Joo Won, in the role of Carter
  • Lee Sung-Jae in the role of Kim Jong-hyuk
  • Jeong So-ri
  • Kim Bo-min in the role of Jung Ha-na
  • Jung Jae-young in the role of Dr. Jung Byung-ho
  • Jung Hae-Kyun

Based on how the story will end, some of the main cast can reprise their role for Carter 2. However, the casting for Carter 2 can also be entirely different as the movie can take a different turn.

Carter 2 Trailer

It is hard to predict when the trailer for Carter 2 will be available. Currently, the trailer for the first movie, Carter, is available for viewing on both Youtube and Netflix on July 18, 2022. Netflix released it on their official website and their official Youtube channel.


Carter 2 Storyline

Carter is centered around a man who wakes up to find that he has no recollection of his past and follows orders to take on a difficult mission.

The story revolves around Carter, who wakes up two months after a terrible virus from the DMZ, which has already decimated the United States and North Korea. He discovers a deadly explosion in his mouth and a weird contraption in his mind despite having no memory of his past. While closely pursued by the CIA and the North Korean regime, he receives orders from a voice in his ears to escape being assassinated and is put into a strange mission.

It is hard to predict the storyline for the sequel as Carter has not been officially released yet. Carter 2 can continue where the prequel will end, or they can change the story entirely. The movie is also not renewed and will probably need some time for it to be renewed. Currently, there is nothing to base the storyline for the sequel to Cater.

Carter 2 Premiere Date

There is no official premiere date for Carter 2 as the first movie. Carter will premiere later this year on August 5, 2022. However, based on how the first movie performs, Carter 2 can premiere as early as 2023. Netflix will probably premiere Carter 2 if it ever happens, as it is a Netflix Originals.

Carter Renewal Status

Netflix has not made any announcement on the renewal status for Carter. Carter has not even hit the streaming platform on which it was supposed to be released. The movie will probably get a sequel based on how it can attract viewers. But, for now, the movie Carter is not renewed for a sequel.

The Conclusion

Carter is a South Korean movie with lots of action and thriller to look out for. The movie will premiere on Netflix. Unfortunately, there is no news regarding the renewal of the movie Carter for a sequel. Netflix has also not confirmed anything on Carter 2.

Carter will probably get a sequel based on how it can perform on Netflix and how much watch the time it gains from the users. For those eagerly waiting for the movie, Carter will be available for streaming on Netflix on August 5, 2022. So stay tuned for the latest updates, and don’t forget to bookmark our page for the hottest news regarding the show.

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