Catherine called Birdy

Catherine Called Birdy Release Date, Cast and More

Catherine called Birdy is a Prime Original medieval comedy film based on a novel by Karen Cushman. The story is about a young woman growing up in medieval society. This is a story about forbidden teenage romance. This woman, named Lady Catherine, has somewhat a liking for doing challenging things that society does not approve of.

The film is rated PG-13 and is set in 1290 England. The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 48 minutes. Lena Dunham directed and produced the movie by Jo Wallett, Tim Bevan, and Eric Fellner. The show describes the Upper-Class families of the Medieval period through the eyes of the protagonist Lady Catherine.

Bella Ramsy, who plays the role of Catherine, spoke about her character, “It was so wonderfully chaotic. I love the weirdness, boldness, and quirkiness that Birdy embodies.” This series embarks on the adventures of Catherine and her struggles living in an Upper-Class Medieval society with a lot of pressure to act a certain way.


When Can We Expect The Movie To Release?

Catherine Called Birdy is set to release this year on Friday, September 23, before it comes on Prime Video. It will be a limited theatre release on Amazon Studios, and then it will release later on Prime Video on October 7. Therefore the wait won’t be much longer. Stay tuned with us to be updated with any further information regarding this. 

Who Will Be The Cast Of The Catherine Called Birdy?

The movie’s cast will be one of the best in their field, starting with our protagonist Bella Ramsey who will be playing the role of Catherine, one of the best actresses for medieval roles. She is renowned for her role in the series Game Of Thrones, playing the character Lyanna Mormont.

Catherine called Birdy
Catherine called Birdy

Next, we have Andrew Scott, who plays the role of Catherine’s father. He is well-known for his role in the comedy-drama Fleabag, where he acted as a priest. Furthermore, we have I Hate Suzies’ Billie Piper, who plays the role of Catherine’s mother, Lady Aislinn.

For the rest of the cast, we have one of our all-time favorites Joe Alwyn, enacted as Catherine’s Uncle, George. Then there is Dean-Charles Chapman, who plays Catherine’s older brother named Robert. Ralph Ineson as the Golden Tiger and Isis Hainsworth as Aelis. 


Does Catherine Called Birdy Trailer out?

Yes, luckily for us, the trailer for the movie is out now. You can now watch the official trailer released about four weeks ago by Prime Video on Youtube, or you can watch it below. The trailer depicts the life of Birdy as she is forced to marry her father against her wishes. We see Catherine trying to chase away the suitors seeking her hand in marriage.

In one incident, we see her telling one of the suitors that the Catherine he wants to marry is a vile creature and suggests that he leaves as she has three ears, one at the back of her neck. We also see how Catherine’s mother cherishes, and cheers for her yet has a very different perspective of life than her daughter. She goes against her father’s wishes and clearly shows her unliking of being married.

We can see a lot going on through the trailer, and there will be much more in the film.

Catherine Called Birdy – Official Trailer | Prime Video

What Is The Movie About?

The movie revolves around the life of a 14-year-old teenage girl named Catherine, who is quite cunning and also the youngest child in her family. We see her father, Lord Rollo, wishes for her to marry a good suitor, but she is hell-bent on driving away anyone interested in marrying her by taunting them and telling them that the girl they wish to marry isn’t normal. 

This movie is set in the village of StoneBridge in Medieval England. Catherine lives in a manor, and her family has seen better days when it comes to financial status. Thus, her father wishes to marry her to a wealthy man who can help them escape the financial ruin they are currently stuck in. But Catherine is not interested in this plan cooked by her father and is opposed to it.

In the movie, we see her strong and independent character and a rebellious girl with a very different aim in life from the one her parents have for us. Her parents have only one goal: to marry her as soon as possible to a rich man for money and land. As all the suitors arrive, they are put to the ultimate test for their love for Catherine. Catherine is an adventurous and free-spirited young girl who wants to choose her path in life, which is very different from the one her parents chose for her.


When Is The Film Going To Premiere?

Amazon has set the premiere date for the movie. The movie will have a world premiere on September 12 at the Toronto International Film Festival. It will be released in the same month but only in select cinemas. We will be able to stream it on Prime Video.

The film will be fun and adventurous, and thus we recommend you to watch it as soon as it arrives. You will surely not regret watching it.

Are you excited about the movie? Let us know which character you like the most and what you expect from the movie. Then, stay tuned and bookmark our page for further updates regarding the show.

Happy-Binge Watching! 

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