Celebrity Feud Season 9 Guests, Air Date and More

Celebrity Family Feud is a comedy show hosted by Steve Harvey. The name justifies itself as it is a game show where families of celebrities compete against each other for a monetary contribution to charity. There are usually two families who are asked hilarious and weird questions, and if their answers are on the survey, they get points that are the number of people who gave that answer.


At the end of each game, the winning team plays a Fast Money round where two team members are called and asked questions to get a particular amount of points to win $25000 for charity purposes. This show is quite entertaining, has aired a total of 8 seasons yet, and has captured the hearts of its viewers. Some of its viral episodes are free on YouTube, with millions of views.


Celebrity Feud – Everything about it!


Celebrity Feud Season This American show aired during the late 1970s and early 1980s on ABC, which was back then its network home, but its reincarnation premiered on June 21, 2015. Most of the celebrity families have been a guest in one of the episodes of this show. So check out your favorite celebrity, and there is a strong possibility that they may have been in the show as well.  

Celebrity Feud Season 9
Celebrity Feud Season 9


The show got a 7.4 rating in 2019 on IMDB. It has a run time of 45 to 48 minutes and a total of 82 episodes released until now. The good news is that the show was renewed for its ninth season, which premiered in July. Many celebrities are also fans of the show. However, the show is rated PG in US and 14 in some episodes. 


What Is The Release Date Of Celebrity Feud Season 9?


Celebrity Family Feud has received a lot of popularity, and fans are eagerly waiting for the next season. You will be ecstatic to know that Season 9 of Celebrity Family Feud has already been released. The creators have decided to set the release date of Celebrity Family Feud Season 9 to July 10, 2022. Eight episodes of the series have already been released. So, go and check them out!


Who Will Be The Guests For Season 9 Of Celebrity Family Feud Season 9?


As always, our beloved Steve Harvey will be the host for the ninth season. Steve Harvey is a well-known host since he has hosted many television shows. Not only has to be hosted television shows, but he has also been the host of Miss Universe pageants. And that just shows his popularity as an excellent and fun host. 


Till now, many celebrities have already visited the show for season 9. Kal Penn, Erika Christensen, The Proud Family: Prouder And Louder members, Never Have I Ever cast members, Ron Funches, and many more have already visited the sets! The cast for the upcoming episodes consists of The Cast of Jackass, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, The members of The Sharks, Natasha Leggero, etc. Seeing these famous people having fun amongst people will bring about some interactions that fans of those celebrities have been waiting for. 


Does Celebrity Family Feud Season 9 Have A Trailer?

Unfortunately, the trailer for the ninth show installment is not out. The trailer was given on television but not officially on social media. 

What Is Celebrity Family Feud Season 9 About?

This game show stars many different celebrities and their families. Sometimes the contest is also between two different casts of famous series. These two groups then compete against each other and whoever wins gets a particular amount for the charity they play for. The contest consists of a series of weird yet funny and entertaining questions that Steve Harvey, the host of the show.


These questions have many answers, which are given by most people surveyed. The points that the team gets are the number of people who gave that answer to the question asked. 

The teams have to achieve a set number of points to win. After winning, the team goes for fast money round to get more points and more rewards, and if they win this round as well, around 25 thousand dollars go to the charity that the winning team represents.


In each episode, two different teams with different sets of celebrities come along with their families and play the game, sometimes even the same family play against each other with a different team for the girls and boys and so forth. The questions and the answers keep the viewers engaged each time, and there are different sets of questions. Harvey’s sense of humor is loved most by the fans.


When Will Celebrity Feud Season 9 Be Premiered?


The premiere date of Celebrity Feud Season 9 was July 10, 2022. The season debuted on television on that day. 

How Far Has Celebrity Family Feud Season 9 Been Renewed?

Celebrity Family Feud Season 9 has already started to release its episodes. After airing three more episodes, the run for the season will end. One episode will air on September 11, 2022, another will air on September 18, 2022, and the last episode will air on September 22, 2022. You can watch Season 9 of Celebrity Feud on ABC and paid Youtube


The show has captured its viewer’s hearts because of the ridiculously amusing questions prepared by the directors and the even funnier and mostly non-expectant answers given by the people who take the survey. The ability of the celebrity contestants to give us all a good laugh never fails to cheer up the viewers too. So if you are in a pickle whether to watch the show or not, we recommend you do so. Bookmark our page for further updates regarding the show.

Happy Binge-Watching!

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