Ana de Armas speaks on Controversial rating of movie ‘Blonde’ based on Marilyn Monroe Biopic

Blonde, the biopic of Marilyn Monroe, is in controversy over its NC-17 ratings and its director’s reaction over the same. Andrew De Armas is seen in the role of Marilyn Monroe.

Netflix’s upcoming popular movie “Blonde” revolves around the life of Marilyn Monroe and has created a buzz after it received a controversial NC-17 rating.

Why is Ana De Armas’ Blonde in Trouble?

The Blonde movie is a biopic of the actress Marilyn Monroe. Ana De Armas here is seen in the lead role, that’s because she’s playing the role of Marilyn Monroe in the movie. However, the movie director Andrew Dominik is upset and at the same time angry about the Netflix rating.

Owing to his belief, Dominik says that it’s a “demanding movie.” Also, he criticized its ratings and made a public statement, “If the audience doesn’t like it, that’s the fucking audience’s problem. It’s not running for public office.”

The director is sure that the movie will have a global premiere at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. But the film may be postponed due to the scandalous controversy due to its NC-17 rating.

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Blonde, following the life of Marilyn Monroe, follows her livestock from the popular novel by Joyce Carol Oates. It was a historical composition of the actress’ life focusing on her upbringing and career in Hollywood. As per Dominik’s interviews, the movie is intense as it involves renowned historical personalities and their role in Marilyn’s life. Some historical personalities include Arthur Miller, John Kennedy, and Joe DiMaggio. Their involvement creates a buzz and controversy at the same time by the critics.

Marilyn Monroe Biopic

He further added that without the #MeeToo movement, the movie wouldn’t be able to come up. The sole reason is that before that, no one had an interest in how it felt to be unloved and go through the Hollywood meat-grinder.

The Tenet edit, ” Jennifer Lame,” has also been called to prohibit and edit the intense scenes of the movie. As per Screen Daily’s report, there would be a molestation scene involved in the movie.

How is Ana De Armas’ performance in The Movie?

Andrew Dominik, teh director, said in an interview that the audiences would love Ana’s performance in the movie. There is no reason for the audience to hate it.

As per Ana and several other sources, it took 9 months for the actress to learn the American accent before beginning filming. She learned it from an American dialect to grasp Monroe’s performance well.

Moreover, Ana De Armas would spend 3  hours in the makeup room looking similar to Marilyn Monroe.

Ana’s fans can’t control their excitement.


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