Dana White Net Worth

Dana White is the CEO/President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is credited for pushing mixed martial arts (MMA) into the spotlight and earning the league widespread accolades as the best MMA league in the world.

Dana owned 9% of UFC when the company was sold to William Morris Endeavor in 2016. He had already sold the majority of the company to the Fertitta brothers (billionaire casino magnates). Dana’s 9 percent stake in the transaction was roughly $360 million after taxes.

Dana White Information

  • Net Worth:      $500 Million
  • Salary:             $20 Million
  • Date of Birth:  Jul 28, 1969
  • Gender:           Male
  • Age:                52 years old
  • Height:           5 ft 10
  • Profession:     Television producer, Businessperson, Promoter,
  • Nationality:     United States of America

Dana White Net Worth

As of 2022, he has a net worth of $500 million as an American businessman and sports promoter. Dana’s remuneration as president of the organization is $50 million per year. Dana White’s estimated net worth is $500 million, and he lives a lavish lifestyle.

Dana White has purchased numerous opulent residences in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his estimated net worth of $1 billion. White purchased three enormous homes in the affluent Tournament Hills neighborhood of Las Vegas in the fall of 2016.

At the UFC 251 news conference, Dana White hinted that he would buy a property or a condo in Abu Dhabi, citing the fact that the UFC wants to host more events in Abu Dhabi and is constantly attempting to book bouts on Yas Island.

Dana White Quick Facts

  • Dana was born in 1969, in Manchester, Connecticut.
  • He is the current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White (UFC). The UFC has developed and dominated the MMA industry under his leadership.
  • In a short amount of time, he grew the company from a small start-up to a multibillion-dollar multinational.
  • His father left him when he was a child, and he and his sister were kept for the most of their lives by his mother and her relatives.
  • Between Las Vegas, Boston, and Maine, the family moved about. In 1987, he received his diploma from Maine’s Hermon High School.
  • White’s personal life began in 1996 when he married his wife, Anne.
  • Aidan and Dana III are the couple’s sons, while Savannah is their daughter.

Personal Life

White tries to keep his personal life apart from his professional one. White stated in May 2012 that he had been diagnosed with Ménière’s illness, a neurological ailment he alleges was brought on in large part by a fight he was a part in as a child.

White was a vocal backer of Donald Trump during his first presidential campaign, even speaking at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. White spoke out in favor of Trump during his reelection campaign in 2020, speaking at rallies and interviews about how Trump was an early backer of the UFC, enabling one of its first large events to be staged on one of his estates.


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How did Dana White build his fortune?

Dana made his fortune as the president of the UFC. When the company was sold to William Morris Endeavor (WME) in 2016, Dana held 6% of the company. He previously sold a significant piece of his investment in the UFC to the Fertitta brothers for $360 million.

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