Dark Winds Season 2 Release Date, Cast and More Updates

You all enjoy watching thriller shows, don’t you? And if you’re looking for a great thriller, then Dark Winds is perfect! Based on the novels of Tony Hillerman, Dark Winds is a psychological thriller that premiered on AMC. It follows the adventures of two Navajo policemen, Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. 

The show first premiered on June 12, 2022, and is set in the 1970s. Graham Roland is the creator of the show, composed of six episodes. Dark Winds is mainly inspired by the book ‘Listening Woman’ and includes some parts of the book ‘People of Darkness. 

When can we expect Dark Winds Season 2?

Dark Winds Season 2
Dark Winds Season 2

The show season 1 released only three episodes, and soon directors decided to renew it for Season 2. Apart from this confirmation, the makers informed that season 2 consists of six episodes. The show makers have not confirmed the release date, but you can expect Dark Winds Season 2 to arrive in 2023. However, there is no information as to the exact date of release for Dark Winds Season 2. But if the first season is any indication, you can expect the second season to premiere in mid-2023. 

Apart from these facts, it revealed that John Wirth would be the showrunner and executive producer of Dark Winds Season 2.

Dark Winds Season 2 Cast

Very little official information is available for season 2, as the show was renewed only two months ago. The makers have not indicated the cast for the second season so far. However, as far as shows go, you can expect that most of the cast from the first season will return for Season 2. 

Talking about the cast, the lead role Zahn McClarnon portrays the character of Joe Leaphorn. Kiowa Gordon covers the screen as Jim Chee. Jessica Matten plays the role of Bernadette Manuelito, a Navajo policeman who works with Leaphorn. Deanna Allison as Emma Leaphorn, wife of Leaphorn. Rainn Wilson plays Dan “Devoted Dan” DeMarco, a missionary 

The cast who are playing side characters include Elva Guerra as Sally Growing Thunder. Jeremiah Bitsui portrays the character of Hoski. Eugene Brave Rock covers the screen as Frank Nakai. Noah Emmerich plays Leland Whitover, an FBI agent. Jonathan Adams enact as Lester. Rob Tepper portrays the character of Pete Samuels. Ryan Begay plays Guy Atcitty. Amelia Rico covers the screen as Ada Growing Thunder.

Apart from the names mentioned above, you can also expect some new faces on the screen of Season 2 of Dark Winds.

Is there any trailer out for Dark Winds Season 2?

Dark Winds Season 2 trailer is not accessible as the show is still in the production phase. Unfortunately, the fans will have to wait for months because the trailer will drop in 2023. 

Dark Winds Season 2 Storyline

Dark Winds is a series based on books authored by Tony Hillerman. The first season was based primarily on the book ‘Listening Woman’ and contained some parts of ‘People of Darkness. Now it cannot be predicted which book the author will pick up for the plot of Season 2. But Graham Roland confirmed that the team has already decided on the book. However, he did not give any hints as to which book it was. 

Most probably, the story of Season 2 will begin from where the story of the first season ended. Being a thriller drama, the show revealed some shocking facts in the first season. And it all ended with a few cliffhangers. The FBI agent, Whitover, was revealed to be a scammer, and instead of serving justice, he was only thinking about his gains.

Chee ended up being Whitover’s fall guy, and the whole scene about the promotion turned out to be a hoax. Guy later shot Whitover, and Chee and Bernadette helped to move his body to cover up the murder. The body and all of Whitover’s money were kept in a cave and eventually burned down. 

In the first season’s final episode, a criminal, James Tso, committed suicide instead of admitting his crimes. In the end, Chee left the FBI and returned to his hometown. But Leaphorn came knocking on his door because of a shocking revelation. Nakai, who was thought to be dead, was alive, and he fled with Whitover’s money.

So you can expect to see Chee returning to the FBI to end the crazy case of Whitover and Nakai. Many more cases may also follow to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. Tony Hillerman has a total of 18 thriller-themed books. So the creators have a huge pool of inspiration for plotting the storyline of Season 2. 

Dark Winds Season 2 Premiere Date

The show makers have only confirmed that Season 2 of Dark Winds will come in 2023. But they did not make any revelations as to the premiere date for the second season. However, we can expect Season 2 to premiere in the first half of 2023 or mid-2023.

What is the renewal status of Dark Winds? 

The psychological thriller Dark Winds has received the green signal for Season 2 in June 2022 by the show makers. Tony Hillerman has written 18 novels, and you can expect many more seasons to follow the second season. So it seems that the adventures of Leaphorn and Chee will not end anytime soon. 

The Conclusion

Though the genre of thriller shows seems to be overflowing with new shows, the creators of Dark Winds have gone out of the box. There have been hundreds of shows that are adaptations of books and novels. But I’m sure you might not have seen any adaptation from a crime thriller author of the 1970s. By bringing back Hillerman’s novels, Dark Winds has carved a niche for itself in the world of thriller shows. 

And even the viewership and ratings of the show seem to agree on this point. Dark Winds has received great ratings and views in its first season itself. Four episodes of the season surpassed a million views each episode. Very few shows can attract such viewership. It has also received great ratings from the audience and critics. 

We can only say that Dark Winds deserves this success. And this is only the very beginning. Many more seasons are yet to come. Till then, Happy Binge Watching!

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