Is Daybreak Season 2 Coming on Netflix?

Daybreak is an incredible teen drama perfectly blended with adventurous black comedy. Its engaging storyline successfully captivates the viewer’s attention till the end. Brian Ralph’s celebrated comic series ‘Daybreak’ has been turned into an American TV series with the combined efforts of Brad Peyton & Aron Coleite.

With Daybreak’s premiere on October 24, 2019, Netflix provided us with its ten excellent episodes, fully loaded with entertainment. True drama fans just can’t resist asking about Daybreak Season 2 Premiere Date. Don’t worry, as we are here to assist you! 

In this write-up, we will strive to deliver all the obtainable information regarding Daybreak Season 2 Release date, trailer, cast, storyline, and more. If you are interested in it, you might want to continue reading this article.

Daybreak Season 2 Release Date

What can be the worst news for a Daybreak fan? Well, we don’t want to disappoint you, but the thing is that Netflix has called off the series after its first season only. This was announced on December 16, 2019, while the final episode for Season 1 got premiered on October 24, 2019. So we can’t share any information regarding Daybreak Season 2. 

Daybreak Season 2 Trailer

Netflix released a teaser trailer for the series on September 16, 2019, while its official trailer landed on October 7, 2019. Unfortunately, neither a teaser nor any trailer has been released for Season 2 of the series.

Daybreak Cast

If in the future, Netflix decides to revive the Daybreak series for Season 2, then we can see the following stars playing their different characters in it.

  • Colin Ford will portray Josh Wheeler.
  • Alyvia Lind will play Angelica Green.
  • Sophie Simnett will depict Samaira (Sam) Dean’s role. She is Josh’s love interest.
  • Austin Crute will reprise Wesley Fists.
  • Cody Kearsley will act as the character of Turbo Pokaski.
  • Jeante Godlock will portray Mona Lisa.
  • Armenian American survivor Gregory Kasyan will assume Eli Cardashyan’s role.
  • Krysta Rodriguez will play Ms. Crumble.
  • Matthew Broderick will portray the character of Michael Francis.
  • The various characters of Jocks, namely Terry, Larry, Jerry, Gary stern, and Barry, will be portrayed by Chester Rushing, Alan Trong, Micah McNeil, Mickey Dolan, and Jon Levert. 
  • Daybreakers’ different characters, namely Fred, Vivienne, Jessica Huntley, Karen Jane, Jew Fro Simon, gay Josh, and Rocco, will be played by A.J. Voliton, Abigail Townsend, Estrella Avila, Chelsea Zhang, Jack Justice, Kevin Bransford, and Bao Winn respectively.
  • Jade Payton will portray Demi Anderson, Sandra Mae Frank will act as Victoria, and Emily Snell will play Miryam’s character.
  • Camilla will be played by Charlotte Benesch, while Barbie Robertson will portray Veronica.
  • Rob H. Roy may appear as Jaden Hoyles, while Gabriel Armijo may again be seen as Jaden Unger.
  • Austin Maas can be seen as Bro Jock, while Zoe Biggers may appear as Jaden Florentina.
  • Natalie Alyn Lind may reprise Mavis, while Mitchell Hoog may appear as Nimrod.
  • Meg Smith can play Isis Goodman, while Andrew Fox may appear as Slowen.

Daybreak Season 2 final cast will have some further additions and deductions depending upon the story requirements.

Daybreak Season 2 Storyline

Daybreak portrays a post-apocalypse story. After an apocalypse, Sam Dean goes missing in Glendale, California, and her boyfriend Josh Wheeler starts a journey in search of her. In the search hunt, he is supported by a strange gang, including Angelica, Bully Wesley, etc. 

Josh had to face many obstacles in his way, coming in the form of Ghoulies, a Mad Max-style brigade, and the weird Baron Triumph. Season 2 may come up with some future version of the story. However, it cannot be predicted based on mere assumption; instead, we should wait for the next season to know about it. 

The Conclusion

Fans have loved the mysterious black comedy being portrayed in Daybreak. They are eager to know the next thing to take place in the Daybreak Universe. Unfortunately, season 1 of Daybreak has ended on a Cliffhanger, and ending the series without resolving it has disappointed the fans.

Many fans have signed a petition that requests for Daybreak’s revival, but no further announcement regarding it has been made. We can only hope that the series gets a renewal in the future.

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