Sadako Rising Releases the DBD New Killer Perks Ringu Trailer

Dead by Daylight’s new chapter Sadako Rising is back with a bang with its new series, DBD New Killer Perks Ringu, taking its roots from Ringu- the Japanese movie and has released an exciting trailer.

Since the DBD New Killer Perks Ringu will be soon released, Dead by Daylight has released its new game’s trailer. Let’s unleash all the information that we have as of now!

DBD New Killer Perks Ringu Trailer

Dead by Daylight’s new chapter- Sadako Rising, has its game soon released. As of now, its trailer is out. The Dead by Daylight’s chapter Sadako Rising brings alive the 1998 Japanese movie- Ringu’s feel with its remarkable character Sadako and Yoichi Asakawa as the survivors.

The game will surely be iconic as it would be, featuring several terrific horror characters from the gaming and filming industry.

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Makers will also be introducing new aspects of gameplay to enhance psychological horror elements in the film. It will help to inculcate suspense and thrill in the players.

When will the Game Be Releasing?

As per the trailer, the DBD New Killer Perks Ringu Release Date is officially confirmed as 8th March 2022. You guys can play the exciting game on your PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Google Stadia.

DBD New Killer Perks Ringu Survivor

As mentioned earlier, Yoichi Asakawa would be the game’s survivor. He would be the bravest, who will be surviving the story by the end. Twenty years after escaping the haunted tale, Yoichi will be seen as a Marine Biologist. In the quest of finding answers to complicated situations, he drives off deep into the waters to think laterally.

The game will be showing several horrific elements from the most excellent horror movies and games of all time. For such a popular game franchise and brilliant characters, the gameplay will surely be unforgettable.

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