Dj Khaled Net Worth

Mohamed Khaled, renowned colloquially as DJ Khaled, rose to prominence as a radio personality. He’s now received hundreds of accolades and makes beats for some of the world’s most well-known performers. Khaled is also the head of the Def Jam South record label, as well as the CEO and creator of the ‘We the Best Music Group.’

DJ Khaled’s net worth is $75 million as of April 2022, thanks to all of his achievements. So, if you want to know about Dj Khaled’s net worth, keep reading.

Dj Khaled Information

  • Full Name:             Khaled Mohamed
  • Height:                   5’6”
  • Age:                       45
  • Net Worth:             $75 Million
  • DOB:                       November 26, 1975
  • Place of Birth:         Palestine
  • Income Source:      DJ/Record Producer

Dj Khaled Net Worth

DJ Khaled net worth was estimated to be $75 million. He has amassed his fortune through a variety of business ventures both inside and outside the entertainment industry. Khaled makes a lot of money from his DJ career, but he also makes a lot of money through touring, producing, and sponsorship deals.

DJ Khaled is, without a doubt, one of the hip-highest-paid hop artists. His riches, ironically, have little to do with hip-hop or music in general. Khaled is said to have gained a lot of money in recent years via hefty endorsement deals.

Other Achievements of Dj Khaled

  • Last year, the hip-hop sensation opened 28 performances for Beyoncé, and Jay-On Z’s the Run II Tour, which included Beyoncé and Jay-Z.
  • In addition to his work as a judge on ‘The Four,’ he earns millions through partnerships with Apple, Weight Watchers, T-Mobile, and Ciroc.
  • Khaled’s latest album, ‘Father of Asahd,’ was released in May and included Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle, and Cardi B among its guests.

Dj Khaled Quick Facts

  • His first and last names are the same.
  • He is the proprietor of Finga Licking, a restaurant in Florida.
  • He was once stranded at sea.
  • Egg whites are one of his favorite foods.
  • He owns a sizable collection of sneakers.
  • Bob Marley is one of his favorite musicians.
  • On ‘The Luke Show,’ he got his big break.
  • He’s been married for a long time.
  • He’s one of Snapchat’s most popular influencers.

Dj Khaled Background

Khaled Mohamed Khaled with his Palestinian family immigrated to the United States in 1975 and lived in New Orleans, Louisiana.

As a young kid, this devout Muslim absorbed the essence of rap and hip-hop music. Musical talent runs throughout the family. His parents, who were also musicians and were well-versed in Arabic music, encouraged him to pursue his passions.

This talented and determined young man worked at a local record store, laying the groundwork for his fast-paced music career. His debut studio album, Listens the Album, was published in 2006 after a number of years as a presenter. He went on to collaborate with a number of well-known artists.


So this is all from us about Dj Khaled’s Net Worth. Khaled Mohamed is regarded as one of the most well-paid rappers in the world. DJ Khaled’s $75 million net wealth is mostly unrelated to music or hip-hop! It’s all because of his endorsements and businesses. Currently, the net worth of Dj Khaled is $11 million.


What is DJ Khaled’s annual salary?

He’s one of the highest-paid hip-hop musicians in the world, earning $27 million in 2018, according to Forbes.

What is DJ Khaled’s net worth?

As per News September 2017 ranking of the richest hip hop performers, he earned $24 million in total pretax income in the 12 months ending in June. Khaled has released ten albums since 2006.

In Which City DJ Khaled grown?

New Orleans is a city in Louisiana.

What Kind Of Software DJ Khaled uses?

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