Donald Trump Net Worth

Trump Media and Tech Group, which owns the Truth Social platform, has declared its intention to join with a SPAC. Trump Media’s stock has risen from $10 to $50 after the announcement. According to Forbes, Trump controls at least 50% of the company’s stock.

During his role as President of the United States, former President Donald Trump lost nearly $600 million in net worth. After the Capitol Hill riots and Trump’s impeachment, various companies ceased doing business with Trump or any of his assets, and he lost another $700 million.

Trump’s newest venture, Truth Social, will recoup nearly $430 million of those losses in 2022. According to Forbes, the social media network, which Trump announced in October 2020 and debuted in February 2022, has more than 1 million downloads.

Donald Trump Information

  • Net Worth:      $3 billion USD
  • Date of Birth:  June 14, 1946
  • Gender:           Female
  • Age:                75 years old
  • Height:            6’ 3”
  • Profession:      Politician, Actor, Writer, Presenter, TV Personality
  • Nationality:     United States of America

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump current net worth is estimated to be $3 billion, somewhat less than his net worth during his first year as serving in the office, according to Forbes. If the sale goes through, which Forbes notes isn’t a foregone conclusion, Trump might sell his shares for $10 apiece. All of this, however, has no bearing on his sudden fortune because the purchase has yet to be completed.

Quick Facts About Donald Trump

  • $38 million in the hospitality industry
  • Licensing and Management of Hotels – $42 million
  • $148 million in residential real estate
  • $1.1 billion in commercial real estate
  • $217 million for golf courses

Hoteliers around the country have been struggling, and The Trump Organization is no different. The Trump International Hotel, which is located across the street from the White House, is now worth $38 million to the corporation. The expected value was $107 million before COVID-19 took hold.

When you’re as renowned as Donald Trump, you don’t have to put your money on the line to earn money in real estate; instead, you can license your surname to other architects who want to use it on their own structures. The Trump Organization has 50 license or management agreements in place across the world as of 2017.

Real Estate

Trump’s huge real estate business spans the United States and includes around 500 residential units. While assessing those with accuracy is challenging, this spring, Forbes reduced the value of those units from $235 million to $148 million, partly due to decreasing stock prices of publicly listed firms in the same industry.

The currently estimated Trump’s net worth to be at $2.5 billion in September 2021, representing a loss in value due to the epidemic. However, even before the Coronavirus, Forbes estimated Trump’s entire fortune to be $3.1 billion, significantly less than what he claimed to have while campaigning for president in 2015.

The former president’s pre-coronavirus net worth was estimated to be $2.97 billion by another source, the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index.

Much of Trump’s fortune is based on a few multi-purpose properties in Manhattan, notably 125,000 square feet of space in the normally bustling Midtown neighborhood. As a result of the coronavirus keeping potential buyers at home, the value of those residences has plummeted. Commercial properties worth about $1.9 billion well before the outbreak are now worth $1.1 billion.

From Colts Head, New Jersey, to Dubai, the Trump Organization has a variety of unique golf facilities. While most of those courses still allow golfers to play, the high cost of membership does not make them recession-proof. Their aggregate value, according to Forbes, is $217 million, down from $271 million before the coronavirus.


Obtaining an exact estimate of Donald Trump’s net worth is very hard due to his complicated, privately owned business. One thing is certain: the former president’s previous boasts about his net fortune, even before the Coronavirus, appear to be greatly exaggerated. Forbes recently estimated his current net worth to be $2.5 billion.


Is Donald Trump rich?

Donald Trump is an extremely rich former president of the United States who has invested money in multiple business organizations.

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