Don’t Worry Darling Release Date, Cast, Trailer 2022

Olivia Wilde is back with yet another movie after the successful debut of her first directorial film. Don`t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller set during the 50s. Another thrilling fact about this upcoming movie is Harry Styles, cast. This article will give you details about the movie, like its release date, plot, and cast, so let’s dive in.

Don’t Worry Darling Release Date 2022

There is still so much speculation about the movie’s release date we don’t know when the Don’t Worry Darling will hit the theaters. The movie was earlier going to come out in July 2022, but due to the crew testing positive amid a surge in covid 19, the movie gets wrapped up in February 2021, Don’t Worry Darling will now come out in September 2022. We are thrilled for this movie to be in theaters and have an amazing theatrical experience.

Don’t Worry Darling Cast 2022

  • Florence Pugh, who plays the famous character of Black Widow, will appear in the movie as Alice. In the movie, she is a housewife who starts questioning her surroundings when something fishy encounters in the community.
  • After Shia Labeouf, originally supposed to play the part, left the project, Harry Styles was cast as Jack, Alice’s husband, holding a deep dark secret.
  • Kiki Layne is set to play Alice’s neighbor, who warns her of all the mishappenings. Chris Pine will also join the cast as Frank, who plays the leader of the weird workplace. 
  • Wilde’s character has not been revealed yet, so we don’t have much information about that. Gemma Chan will play Shelley, but not much has been revealed about her character.

The cast looks very promising, and hence we are thrilled to watch the movie. Although we do not know the detailed cast yet, we are still excited to have our Watermelon boy and black widow on board.

Don’t Worry Darling Plot

  • Written by Katie Silberman, this psychological thriller is set in a utopian community in California. A housewife named Alice begins questioning her surroundings after some strange encounters around her. Pugh has already impressed audiences in Midsommar. We anticipate her performance in this upcoming venture and are very thriller.
  • Harry Styles plays Jack, her husband, with some secrets that he holds. Harry Styles has already given a promising performance in his debut film. We hope he will pour his magic on screen in this thriller as well. Although not all the details have been revealed yet, we still have very high hopes for this upcoming venture.

    Don’t Worry Darling 2022
    Don’t Worry Darling 2022

Don’t Worry Darling Trailer

There is no official trailer that has been released yet. However, some clips on YouTube show Pugh has been seen carrying the traditional 50s hairdo. She is also seen sharing some steamy scenes with Styles.

She’s also shown wrapped in a plastic bag gasping for air. These stills are enough to prove that this psychotic thriller has a lot to offer to its audience. So, be ready to get your minds blown for a very wonderful theatrical experience that this Oliver Wilde Venture has to offer.

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In a Nutshell

Although we do not have much to say about this upcoming project, Google will bring you the power-packed performances by the promising cast this engaging thriller has. Styles and Pugh have already impressed the audience with their previous ventures, and we are sure they will amaze us in this one.

Even if the story is not completely revealed, we can imagine it as a fulfilling thriller that will make us grip our seats tightly. So, it is safe to say that Oliver Wilde is all set to deliver yet another hit after her sophomore venture, a comedy. This time she brings a thriller to the table. Though the release date has not been finalized yet, many speculations Don’t Worry Darling has kept us all excited for an amazing experience.

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