Downton Abbey Sequel Poster: A Person Seems Missing and We’re Scared

Downton Abbey Sequel’s Poster is out on Instagram and an important person is missing from it. Moreover, fans didn’t ignore his absence and flooded the comments section.

Ever since the Downton movie’s sequel has been released today it has created a buzz on the internet and social media. On one side where fans couldn’t get rid of their excitement but they also noticed something unusual that’s missing them off! An important star cast member seems to be missing from the movie, but who?

Mathew Goode playing the role of Lady Mary’s husband is missing from the poster. His character is named Henry Talbot in the movie. He has a strong influence on the movie so fans couldn’t resist commenting upon his absence.

The official Instagram account even dropped a coin that they will be releasing the trailer tomorrow, wanna know how?

In the official Instagram post, it has been seen that the post is captioned as, “The legacy continues. Tune in to @todayshow on @nbc tomorrow morning for an exclusive look at the new trailer for #DowntonAbbey: A New Era!”

Downton Abbey Sequel Poster

Why is Mathew Goode aka Henry Talbot not seen in the poster?

Mathew Goode a.k.a Henry Talbot’s absence in the poster is an indication that his role may be too short in the movie. So, the makers thought not to include him in the poster.

The other possibility is that the character might have ended by an abrupt yet unfortunate event in the movie like death.

Fans have reacted as they are concerned and are asking why Mathew is not seen in the movie. It seems from the reaction that they are all far from Henry’s Talbot’s absence in the movie. Some are even stressed upon the fact that they need Mathew Goode also in the movie.

It’s great that fans have immense love for Mathew but what about Mathew, how did he respond.

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How did Mathew respond to the poster and the buzz that’s making rounds on the Internet?

Mathew Goode aka Henry Talbot is yet to react or comment anything upon the trailer. However, in a press conference for the first press conference of the series; Mathew had declared that he’s not a major part of the movie. So, it could be the reason.

Are fans still excited for the movie?

Despite Henry’s absence, fans are still excited about the release of the movie. However, they would have been happier with his performance.

But, they would love to see some of the fascinating stars like Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, and Hugh Bonneville. You will also witness some new stars like Hugh Dancy, Dominic West, and Haddock.

Let’s wait for the trailer’s release tomorrow. It would give us some insights into the film’s storyline, plot, cast, and much more. The movie will be released in March 2022.

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