Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More

After two seasons, Netflix has finally confirmed that we will be getting seasons three and four of their infamously popular show, Emily in Paris. For the uninitiated, the show deals with a young midwestern American woman named Emily (obviously) who moves to Paris for a marketing job opportunity.

The episodes deal with her overcoming her initial culture shock, and eventually finding her new groove, falling in love, and living a new life, in Paris, the City of Love.

I called it infamous, primarily because of its stereotypical representation of Paris and the Parisians, but also because of another stereotypical representation of a Ukrainian character (how timely), which caused quite the stir, going so far as to have the government step in!

Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date:

Due to the relatively recent release of the second season (December 2021) it is not surprising that Netflix announced the production of the third and fourth seasons only in January, one month after the second season.

Seeing how there was a one-year gap between the first season, which came out in October 2020, and the second in December 2021, it is not wrong to expect the Emily in Paris Season 3 to release in late 2022, sometime between October and December 2022, with the fourth, and for now, final, the Emily in Paris Season 3 in the same time frame in 2023. Now, it has not been officially confirmed as of yet, but watch this space for more.

Emily in Paris Cast: 

The core cast will remain the same, however, there will be a new set of recurring characters for the third season. The core cast being:

  • Lily Collins
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu
  • Ashley Park
  • Lucas Bravo
  • Samuel Arnold
  • Bruno Gouery
  • Camille Razat
  • William Abadie

Considering the setting of the third season (which we will get to soon) expect to see some really colorful new characters to spice things up in the show.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Trailer:

Obviously, we wouldn’t be seeing any trailer for the third season until the production for the third season wraps up. Editing a good trailer in the middle of production is a tricky task, and no studio would want to take such a risk. 

Normally, production for TV shows and series runs for about 7-8 months, so with that timeframe in mind, we can expect the trailer for the third season to drop sometime in August or September.

And because this is a Netflix series, it wouldn’t be surprising to have the trailer drop a week or two before the premiere of the third season, as Netflix have previously done that.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Storyline:

Continuing the story threads from the previous two seasons, the third season will follow Emily’s adventures and misadventures in Paris, with her finding love, friendship, new opportunities, and the chance to live a markedly different life from her American upbringing.

The show will continue to show the contrast between the American and French ways of life, and try to find hilarity in it, hopefully without being too stereotypical and controversial, like it has been in the previous seasons. The second season ended on a cliffhanger, and the fans cannot wait to see how it resolves in the third season. 

There have been unconfirmed reports that Emily might move to Berlin, in the third season, but for a show named Emily in Paris, that sounds like a stretch, so we probably will remain in the City of Love, for now. There are also reports that she might move back home to Chicago, but again, we need to wait and see.

But we will see what decision Emily makes, after her friend leaves her workplace along with the rest of her team, and her boss, who is now pregnant, calls her back to Chicago. A lot of it is up in the air, and we have to just wait to see how it plays out. 

The Conclusion

As one of Netflix’s more popular shows, fan anticipation for the third season is understandable, and I am sure the fans cannot wait for the latter half of the year, when they will get to see the third season’s trailer, along with the finished product.

But one thing is for sure, Netflix very well can surprise everyone by pulling off something nobody would have seen or expected.

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