Everything You Should Know About Outer Banks Season 3

Netflix is renewing its popular treasure hunter series, Outer Banks Season 3. This whole series has been a hit. It mainly catered to teenagers and high-school goers while successfully providing them with a source of entertainment and intriguing discussions. Now, as Netflix has confirmed the Outer Banks Season 3 release date, fans are going super crazy to anticipate what kind of fun it possesses for them. So be a part of this thrilling journey with us and read this article along to learn about OBS 3. 

Is Outer Banks Season 3 Confirmed?

Yes, Netflix confirmed that Outer Banks would soon have a blockbuster Season 3. 

When Outer Banks Season 3 is Coming?

Outer Banks Seasons 3
Outer Banks Seasons 3

The expected Outer Banks Season 3 release date will be on the 7th of December, with a fantastic cast featuring both new and regular actors. 

The third season has been confirmed previously by Jonas Pate, the creator, and show-runner of this show. He also stated that he is looking for a total of four or five seasons of Outer Banks.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in April 2020, he said that “Ever since we started, we always viewed it as something that was probably like a four-season, maybe five-season show, but four seasons,” and further added, “We’ve sort of long-arced it out pretty far. I’m just hoping that we get a chance actually to tell those stories.”

Jonas Pate also put out some interesting facts about the show. He disclosed that before the premier of Outer Banks Season 1, Netflix had requested the team to start writing additional scripts for the next season. That brings forth the chance of happening the same again for Outer Banks Season 3. So there is no confusion left about if Season 3 is coming or not. 

When will the Outer Banks Season 3 be Released?

The first season of Outer Banks premiered in April 2020, when the world was getting into lockdown because of the coronavirus. In July 2021, even in the tough times, especially for production, season 2 dropped. So, based on previous seasons’ timelines and premiers, we can quickly conclude that Outer Banks will begin its shoot for Outer Banks Season 3 in the same timeline as before next year. It will probably start shooting for the third season in the summer of 2022. However, there is no confirmation regarding the Outer Banks Season 3 release date yet. 

Little Backstory of the Previous Seasons 

It is distinctly clear that the whole show of Outer Banks critically leaves the show with ultimate excitement for the next season. Otherwise, a fairly teen drama with the adventures of treasure hunting thrills would not have much to become one of the most famous. The first season was full of anticipation.

It showed the life of the orphan escapee named John B Routledge and his brave attempt to get out from the police. This dangerous attempt to escape from the capture resulted in a boat crash in a vicious tropical storm. But, after a great struggle, he and his girlfriend Sarah Cameron succeeded in surviving the danger, and they rescued them. They filled the rescue boat with gold worth $400 million, which began the next adventure. 

But Season 2 came with a bang. It showed excellent chases, bloat explosions, heists, stolen ambulances, and even alligator attacks. All the mind-blowing scenarios of the doctor stitching up a bullet wound, the thrilling murder taking place in the rain, allergic reactions caused by wasps have collectively contributed to making the show one of our favorites.

The events were so tightly woven throughout all the episodes that it became pretty impossible to memorize all that had taken place by the end of the season. However, fans didn’t need to. They soaked them in all the adrenaline rush Outer Banks succeeded in providing them with. As for now, sit back and relax that there will be an encore, indeed. 

What will happen in Outer Banks Season 3?

As soon as the news about Outer Banks Season 3 release date came out, a rumble of thunder shook the fan base. With all the anticipation and excitement tingling around, it is impossible not to think over what we will see in Season 3. 

However, any news regarding the official plot is not thereby Netflix. We are up for a safe assumption about season 3 as we can confirm that you will continue the same type of treasure hunting in the Outer Banks Season 3. 

Sarah’s father, the evil Ward Cameron, is helping his son, the villainous Rafe, who is now planning on taking his revenge against John B and his team. Season 3 will probably focus on John B and Sarah’s homecoming journey. We can also witness a perilous journey where they will steal back the gold along with the cross. However, we cannot miss out on the very emotional reunion of John B with his father in the coming season. 

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Who will be in the Outer Banks Season 3 Cast?

We can expect most of the regular cast of Outer Banks featuring in the coming season 3. Our favorite actors, Chase Stokes, Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Daviss, Drew Starkey, Charles Esten, and Austin North, will feature in the next season. Another good news is that Carlacia Grant, who plays Cleo in Outer Banks, has been promoted to the regular cast. 

Final Words About OB Season 3- 

Besides the adrenaline rush, we can also expect more romance from the OBS 3. We hope they will continue to bring more romance into their possible marriage of the favorite couple, John B and Sarah. However, the cast will have several new and exciting love affairs, as hinted in the previous seasons.

We will perhaps see Cleo involved with many instances of romance, as the actor herself has confirmed that in an interview. So, we can say that the Outer Banks Season 3 will be all about thrills, dangers, and love. So keep the adrenaline rush building on your body and stay tuned for the great Outer Banks Season 3 release date. 

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