Famous Band ‘The Sadies’ expresses their grief on the Death of Dallas Good

February 19, 2022: Dallas Good, the Canadian singer, and guitarist, died of coronary illness on Thursday at the age of 48.

The band members of “The Sadies” declared the death of the country singer Dallas Good via a Facebook post that says, “We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of our dear friend, Dallas Good, of The Sadies. He died on Thursday, February 17, of natural cause while under doctor’s care for a coronary illness discovered earlier this week. He was 48 years old.”

“Just got word of Dallas Good of The Sadies passing. He was a beautiful guy and naturally gifted musician. Opened every conversation laughing, a warm, unpretentious soul. Everybody who knew him feels like they lost a brother. Requiescat.” – Steve Albini.

With the news of Dallas Good passing away, the music industry shows their sorrow with touching words. Dallas Good was connected to so many people; everyone in the industry considers him a good friend, a brother, and a gentle and lovely personality. Dallas Good always supported the newcomers and gave chances to new talents to step into the world of music. Dallas was a beloved personality among his band members also.

‘The Sheepdogs’ stated, expressing their sorrow on Twitter, “Crushed to hear about the passing of our friend Dallas Good. Dallas was an amazing musician and just a great guy. We lost a good one today. Sending our love to the band and families. Please do us a favour and go listen to the ladies today. They are one of the best bands ever.”, Ryan Gullen, an associate at ‘The Sheepdogs’ said, “We became a part of their community, and I think that’s the biggest piece of what you can say about Dallas and the sadies”, he also mentioned,”It wasn’t about getting bigger

for them. It was about surrounding yourself with good people and building them up, which is sort of lost in a lot of ways with a lot of musicians.”

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Dallas good will always remain in the hearts of his fans, and his amazing composition will be made him live for eternity.

The Canadian singer Ron Sexsmith gave a statement mentioning his sorrow on the loss, “The saddest news: Dallas Good of The Sadies has passed, and I’m disbelief. I was honoured to perform with them quite a few times over the years. My heart goes out to Travis, Sean and Mike and to their friends and family, including extended music families. Sigh RS.”

The Sadies’ always helped the fresh talents to reach their goals by supporting them and giving them a chance.

The Toronto, Ontario, and Canada-originated rock band ‘The Sadies’ is consists of four members viz. Dallas Good and his brother Travis Good, Sean Dean, and Mike Belitsky.

The band ‘The Sadies’ was made in 1994, and it gained popularity after releasing singles like “Precious Moment” and “four years later.”

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