Feel Good Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and more

You rarely come across a bold and beautiful show like Feel Good, which has certainly stirred up your soul and connected you insanely with the characters and their story. Such fans like us are pleading for a third serving of Feel Good, a British drama-comedy on Netflix and Channel 4.

Mae Martin has written this semi-autobiography and is starring in it as her own fictionalized self, whom she claims she was exactly like, a decade ago. Drug addiction and rehabilitation, gender crisis, and identity crisis are the turning points in the show.

Feel Good Season 3 Release Date

Everyone’s asking about a season 3 for Feel Good, and we hate to break it to you; it’s not coming! The show makers have no motive to come back with the third round of episodes as they feel they have driven their story to an end. Unfortunately, most British shows are short-lived and leave the viewers wanting more.

Feel Good Season 3 Cast

The main cast appearing in both the seasons is:-

  • Mae Martin as herself, just a tad bit imaginary, though.
  • Charlotte Ritchie as George, Mae’s love interest and a middle-class English woman.
  • Lisa Kudrow as Linda Martin, Mae’s mother.

The recurring cast

  • Phil Burgers as Phil, George’s roommate.
  • Adrian Lukis plays Malcolm Martin, Mae’s father, and Linda’s husband.
  • Pippa Haywood as Felicity, George’s mother.
  • Anthony Head as George’s father

Feel Good Season 3 Trailer

We are equally disheartened to learn that there is no Feel Good season 3. Hence no possible trailer or teaser is coming out for the same. You can watch the first two seasons again, just like I did! Here are the trailers for the first two seasons if you’re new to the show.

Season 1:- https://youtu.be/IA6zm_kt5iM

Season 2:- https://youtu.be/Mo6IF6qbYPE

Feel Good Season 3 Storyline

Feel Good is about warmth, love, confusion, and acceptance. We have Mae Martin, co-creator and lead of the show, a stand-up comedian and recovering drug addict who identifies herself as a gender queer or a non-binary, and George, a depressed Englishwoman Mae meets at the comedy club.

The women enjoy each other’s company and, while dating, find out many truths about themselves and their partner respectively. However, George has difficulty accepting her relationship with Mae, as it’s her first one with a woman.

Feel Good Season 3 Premiere Date

The makers have clearly stated that there will be no season 3 for Feel Good on all platforms. The second season is the last one. Fans are open to cooking up more endings for the show, but there is no need perceived by the makers to produce anything more than they intend to about the characters and the storyline. They feel they have narrated the story to the end and are pretty satisfied and confident with it.

Feel Good Renewal Status

Fans have a hard time accepting that this show is all done and was way too short-lived for their liking. Feel Good season 3 was never conceived nor will be. The renewal status is negative for this one.

The Conclusion

Effortlessly being one of the best shows of 2020, Feel Good was packed with so much emotion, humor and romance! Who would love such shows to end? We hear you, and we aren’t feeling any better about Feel Good series coming to an end with just the second season being the last. Mae has hinted that she would love to work with George again sometime and could write a refreshing story in the future. Signing out for now but hey! Don’t forget to watch this space for more news, updates, and reviews about your favorite shows!

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