Flight/Risk Release Date, Cast, Storyline and More Updates

Remember the crashing of two Boeing 737 Max planes? Flight/Risk is a documentary that captures and portrays everything about these two tragic accidents. 

When a plane crashes, it captures the attention of everyone worldwide. And the two crashes of the Boeing planes garnered a lot of traction, especially after the second crash. But many things followed after the two crashes. So if you want to see everything that ensued after the two Boeing planes crashed, Flight/Risk is a movie you should watch. 

The movie, directed by Karim Amer and Omar Mullick, is set to release on September 9, 2022.  


In October 2018, the Lion Air Flight crashed thirteen minutes after takeoff. It took the lives of 189 people on board. Just five months later, in March 2019, the Ethiopian Airlines Flight crashed and killed 157 people. A total of 346 people succumbed to death in the two plane crashes. These two events are the inspiration for the documentary film Flight/Risk. 

Flight/Risk is a movie based on the tragic events that happened in 2018 and 2019, just five months apart. The tragic story is scheduled to premiere on September 9, 2022. Based on the heartbreaking accidents of plane crashes, the documentary portrays the story from the point of view of the family members.

Name Flight/Risk
Language English
Genre Documentary
Creators Karim Amer & Omar Mullick
Streaming Amazon Prime Video
Release Date September 9, 2022


When Can We Expect Flight/Risk?


The documentary’s Flight/Risk release date is scheduled to be September 9, 2022. In just a few days, you will see what all happened behind the scenes after the crash of the planes. Family members of the victims, their legal teams, the whistleblowers, and many other people form part of the whole story. The 1.5 hours of the movie tell it all. 

Flight/Risk Release Date

Amazon Prime Video announced the release date for its documentary Flight/Risk. The movie will be released on September 9, 2022. So far, only a little information is available about the film.

What is Flight/Risk About?

I’m sure everyone has heard about the plane crashes of Boeing 737 Max flights. The first plane crash happened in October 2018 and garnered much attention. But what made everyone curious and suspicious was the second crash that happened in March 2019. Two crashes within five months! People all around the world raised a lot of questions.

Most prominent of all the questions was – ‘Why did this happen?’ And the ultimate reason turned out to be that the company wanted to save money while compromising on the technological quality of the planes!

This is a story that everyone knows. But what remains unknown is the story that the family and friends of the victims have to tell. And that is exactly what Flight/Risk is all about! 

This movie challenges the idea that ‘traveling by plane is usually safe because accidents happen rarely.’ It might come off as scary for people who travel frequently. But the main motive behind the film is that change needs to occur. 

Flight/Risk Cast

The cast of Flight/Risk includes the Seattle Times reporter Dominic Gates, a former employee of Boeing Edward Pierson, congressman Peter A. DeFazio, a former president of the Allied Pilots Association; Dan Carey, a spokesman of the Allied Pilots Association Dennis Tajer, a whistleblower attorney Eric Havian, a partner at Kreindler and Kreindler Justin Green, and the family and friends of the victims of the two crashes. 

It is reported that the movie is a combination of interviews held with all the above people. Therefore, there are many things that everyone mentioned above will have to say. 

Flight/Risk Talk On Social Media


There is not a lot of talk going on about the documentary as of now. It seems that the movie hasn’t been able to generate interest in many people’s minds. It also feels like Amazon Prime Video has not pushed the movie a lot. There are hardly any talks about Flight/Risk on social networking sites. 

It might be that in this world of OTT platforms, too many things are available to watch. Thousands of shows and series are available on every platform. And amongst all this, some shows become wildly popular, whereas some shows hardly get any traction. And Flight/Risk, sadly, seems to be one of those movies that failed to get a lot of attention. What an irony! An incident that captured the attention of the whole world. But its movie seems to be struggling to garner the same attention. 

What To Expect In Flight/Risk?

You can expect the unfiltered thoughts and feelings of the people who lost their loved ones in the two accidents soon. Many other things are narrated from the point of view of the cast members. This documentary is like gaining access to the minds of the people closely related to the fiasco. You will watch the feelings of the congressman, a whistleblower, a news reporter, a former employee of Boeing, and a spokesman from the Allied Pilots Association. 

Flight/Risk Trailer

The Latin American YouTube page of Amazon Prime Video released the trailer for Flight/Risk. The trailer is in the English language, with subtitles in Spanish. 

The Conclusion 

Even though Flight/Risk is not the talk of the town, it is an important documentary. Everyone needs to know that planes might not be as safe as you think. Both of the planes that crashed were among many of the newly built planes. The weather was perfectly fine when the planes were flying. And they still crashed. This is something that you all need to understand and take seriously. 

Karim Amer and Omar Mullick perfectly understood the gravity of the matter. And they made this documentary with a lot of effort to put a message out there – Change needs to happen. If Boeing had been careful with the quality of the airplanes, the two tragedies would not have occurred. 

But this is a matter of the past, and you cannot change it. But airplane companies have learned their lesson.

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