Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is an accomplished trainer and a retired professional boxer from the United States. From 1974 until 1990, he fought as a boxer, and after retiring, he worked as a boxing trainer. 

He was known for his defensive skills and in-depth understanding of boxing tactics when fighting at welterweight. He stopped boxing becoming a trainer due to his respiratory problems. 

He is the father of Floyd Mayweather Jr., a boxing champion whom he briefly trained. He taught his son how to defend himself. Floyd Sr. has also dabbled in acting, appearing in the 2013 film ‘MayweatherExperience Documentary.’

Floyd Mayweather Personal Information

  • Full Name: Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr
  • Age: 44 years old
  • Birth Date: 24 February 1977
  • Birth Place: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 1.73 m
  • Weight: 68 kg

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather is an American boxing champion and promoter who is well-known across the world. Floyd Mayweather is worth $450 million dollars. As a result, he is the wealthiest boxer of all time. Floyd’s total career earnings have surpassed $1.1 billion as of this writing.

Floyd is the fifth highest-paid professional in history, is one of only six athletes to make more over $1 billion during their professions. What’s most amazing about Floyd’s earnings is that he became the sixth highest-paid athlete in history while having only a few endorsement deals.

The majority of the world’s highest-paid athletes, on either hand, earned the bulk of its revenue from brand endorsements. In only two fights, Floyd made more than half a billion dollars. In 2015, he earned $250 million after defeating Manny Pacquiao.

Other Achievements of Floyd Mayweather

  • In the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Floyd Mayweather earned bronze in the Featherweight class.
  • He has also won a number of world titles, including the WBC super featherweight belt.
  • Among the titles he has won are WBC Money Championship, WBC South Africa super bantamweight champion, and WBC All African super bantamweight champion.
  • He was awarded the Best Boxer of the Last 25 Years by ESPN in 2016. During the previous decade, several sporting magazines have ranked the star as the finest “pound to pound fighter” in the world.

Floyd Mayweather’s Quick Facts

  • In 2015, he earned $250 million fighting Manny Pacquiao, and in 2018, he earned $300 million facing Conor McGregor.
  • To date, he has amassed a fortune of $1.1 billion.
  • Only five sportsmen have made more than $1 billion.
  • At the height of his fame, he was routinely the highest-paid entertainment on the planet.
  • A single watch was once sold for $18 million.
  • Has a $60 million fortune. A $25 million Gulfstream G650 private jet Mansion in Beverly Hills
  • Has a $10 million house in Las Vegas.
  • Fought Logan Paul for $35 million.

Floyd Mayweather’s Background

 Floyd Mayweather was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on February 24, 1977. Floyd Mayweather Sr., Floyd’s father, was a professional boxer who memorably faced Sugar Ray Leonard.

Jeff and Roger, Floyd Jr.’s uncles, are also former professional boxers. Floyd’s mother was a heroin addict as a child, and his father was gone. Floyd moved live with his grandmother after his father was imprisoned. Floyd committed himself to box during this period. 


Our discussion about Floyd Mayweather’s net worth has come to an end. Floyd Mayweather is worth $450 million dollars. In May 2015, he won $250 million in about against Manny Pacquiao. In August 2017, Floyd won $300 million from his fight with Conor McGregor.


Why does Floyd Mayweather command such a high salary?

Floyd Mayweather made his money in boxing. Only a few top-ranked fighters in history have gone unbeaten throughout their careers.

This year, who is Floyd Mayweather going up against?

Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore will take place at the Burj Al Arab hotel on May 1, 2022.

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