Happy Valley Season 3

Happy Valley Season 3 Release Date, Cast and More

Happy Valley is a British crime series set in Northern England, and the series debuted on April 29, 2014. The series has released a total of two seasons with 12 episodes. The runtime of the series is about 60 minutes each. It is a BBC One original.

It got an 8.5 out of 10 rating on IMDB and a top-shelf rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. Season 2 came out on February 9, 2016. This series won the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series in May 2015. It announced that season 3 would be its final season.

The story revolves around a police sergeant in West Yorkshire who still accepts the death of his young teenage daughter Becky. The series showcases the private as well as the professional life of Catherine Cawood. The show’s third installment will also be six episodes long like the previous two seasons.

Keep reading to learn all you can know about the release date, cast, trailer, storyline, and more about Happy Valley Season 3!

What Is The Release Date For Happy Valley Season 3?

Unfortunately, the creators have not released an official release date for Happy Valley Season 3. However, looking at the previous season’s release date patterns, fans theorize that the series might air by late 2022 or in early or the summer of 2023.

Following the tradition of the past two seasons, the third season will also have six episodes which are also expected to have a runtime of 60 minutes per hour. We will update you on the teeny-tiniest updates of the release date of Happy Valley Season 3.

Find Out Who The Cast Members Are For Season 3 Of Happy Valley

The cast of Happy Valley has been praised countless times for their acting skills. But how can they always keep their emotions in check with the characters? We know that Sarah Lancashire will return as Sergeant Catherine Cawood, except that BBC announced that the main cast members would return. However, the official news for who the cast will exactly be, including new members for the third installment, is still unknown.

Some of the members that may be returning for the third season of Happy Valley include Sarah Lancashire, who plays the role of Catherine Cawood, Siobhan Finneran, who portrays the role of Clare Cartwright, James Norton reenacts as Tommy Lee Royce, Charlie Murphy acts as Ann Gallagher, and finally, George Costigan plays the role of Nevison Gallagher. In addition, BBC has confirmed that other cast members will return: Rhys Connah (Ryan Cawood) and Con O’Neil (Neil Ackroyd). 

New cast members for the season include Amit Shah, Mark Stanley, and Mollie Winnard. They won’t be playing minor roles but will be playing really important roles in the storyline.

Does Happy Valley Season 3 A Trailer?

As the production of the series has started this year only, it will take a while until we can finally see the official trailer for the third season. However, until then, you can watch the trailers of the first and second seasons. 

What Will Happen In Season 3 Of Happy Valley?

In the first season, we see Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood, who lost her daughter eight years ago, is now divorced, and lives with her sister. Her daughter, who was dead, had a son due to being raped before dying.

Happy Valley Season 3
Happy Valley Season 3

Catherine, along with her sister, is now raising her daughter’s son. Catherine finds out that Tommy Lee Royce is the guy who raped her daughter and made her suicide after the birth of her son, Ryan. The show moves around Catherine trying to find this guy who was the reason her daughter died. 

Happy Valley Season 2 picks up 18 months after the conclusion of the first one. As Catherine progresses towards her success and winning the Queen’s Police Meda award, she soon finds out that Royce’s mother is dead and finds herself wrapped around a chain of murders. Trying her best, Catherine still has to face many challenges this season.

Regarding the third installment, which is yet to be released, the creator of the show Sally Wainwright said that the third season would pick up seven years after the conclusion of the second season. Sally told the Radio times, “We’re seven years on.

The plan was to wait for Ryan to be older so that he can make his own choices about whether he wanted to have contact with his dad or not. So it explores that.” So the series will show Ryan as a sixteen-year-old, still living with his grandmother, while choosing whether he wants to be in some relation with his dad or not.

Has The Premiere Date For Happy Valley Season 3 Been Decided?

Sadly, the official premiere date for the third season of Happy Valley has not been set by BBC yet. However, since the series started filming this year only, it is predicted that it will premiere sometime next year. 

Has Happy Valley Been Renewed For A Third Season?

You will be glad to know that after this long wait, the series finally got renewed for its third season. BBC even announced that filming for the third and final season of Happy Balley had commenced in January 2022.

The show got renewed for another successful season on October 2021. As said by the writer and the creator, Sally Wainwright, this season is supposed to be the best and final season of this series. So, you can go and watch Happy Valley on Netflix!

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