Hulu Series Streaming Days for April 2022

Many web series are presented on many platforms, and fans are sometimes unaware of the release dates, which further confuses viewers on which platform they are being released or will be released. So here is the list of Hulu series, which includes genres of crime, fantasy, love drama, action, and Mystery.

As previously mentioned, Hulu, the user-friendly OTT platform, allows you the freedom to be entertained with a new list of series in which you will find plenty of love, drama, action, and other full-fledged .memotions in genres that interest you. It announced that in April 2022, Hulu would premiere a new online series featuring all FX limited series.

A list of Hulu series streaming days for April 2022.

Hulu Series Streaming Days for April 2022
Hulu Series Streaming Days for April 2022

The series is a crime drama as well as an action series. American Sicario: American mobster Erik Vasquez’s story about rising to the top of Mexico’s underworld, only to enrage the powerful cartels and his allies. The report covers the power, money, greed, and betrayal amongst rival members.

Release Date:- April 9, 2022. 


The serial Captivated Audience is based on the actual incident of the kidnapping of seven Stayners, 7, which resulted in “stranger danger” warnings, legal reforms, and the production of the outstanding miniseries “I Know My First Name Is Steven.”

The story of two brothers, one a villain and the other a hero, unfolds throughout the family’s 50-year trip.

Release Date:- April 21, 2022. 


Crush is the new series produced by Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne. Well, by the name of the title of this series, “Crush, “we can foresee that it’s all about fantasy, love, and drama. Where trust uses the opportunity to pursue the girls she had a lasting rush on but soon finds herself falling for another team made instead as she realizes what is real love feels like. But, of course, it is all teenage stories, so the most likely audience will be a young group of people. 

Release Date:- April 29, 2022. 


Moster and family two series is a British animated horror story. Its previous season covered the baba Yaga and Renfield from the cluster of monsters. And season 2 might cover that both of them are captured by the beast, so the Wishbone family return to transform into vampire Frankenstein’s monster, a mummy, and a werewolf in the bid to free them. 

Release Date:- April 5, 2022 

  • The Hardy Boys Season 2

The siblings Frank and Joe Hardy enjoy their quality time in Bridgeport after the spooky event in season 1. And suddenly, they meet up with some incidents experiencing some supernatural powers from the woods. However, season 2 covered all the mystery and untangling threads and revealed all secrets expectedly.

Release date:- April 6, 2022.

  • The Kardashians

All the drama and the reality show, K—Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Kendal, and Kylie tell their stories of life incidents, love, and other life incidents. Playing reality shows meant being pushed from a ruddy billion-dollar business to the joys of prayer time and school drop-off. However, every fan is always excited to watch and learn about their favorite actors’ life stories to know them more. So the platform of Hulu allows you to understand your actors and models of all 6Ks’

Release Date:- April 14, 2022

  • Mayans MC Season 4

After the spin-off season, 3 of Mayans MC, a gritty biker drama, is coming to OTT Hulu in early April. It will only have two episodes, and from sources, we know it will be the last season. The audience must be curious to watch it. There are no changes in writing for another season. We can only assume that the surviving leading players will be back in action from the first three seasons.

 Release Date:- April 19, 2022

  • Under The Banner Of Heaven

Brenda Wright Lafferty (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and her baby daughter were murdered in a Salt Lake Valley suburb in 1984, and the story follows the events leading up to their deaths. The plot is based on the best-selling true-crime book by Jon Krakauer.

It will premiere throughout seven episodes. Investigates incidents within the Lafferty family; Detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield) uncovers buried mysteries about the LDS religion’s origins and the deadly consequences of unyielding commitment. Pyre, a devout Mormon, is forced to question his faith after learning what he knows.

Garfield has been involved in some criminal acts. However, his Mormon faith begins to crumble as he learns more about the case and becomes closer to the truth and the involvement of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Release date April 28, 2022

  • Woke – The complete season 2

“Woke” is the real-life artist Keith Knight tackling another heavy comedy-drama. Set to announce another series. Woke announces its release date for all the fans on Hulu this April of 2022. It covers almost ten episodes, so the audience needs to hold their stomach to take control of the laughs. However, based on the real-life artist Keith Knight, while he usually keeps his work humorous, interaction with the police affects his worldview. 

So much so that his cartoons and everyday objects begin to come to life in his thoughts.

Release Date:- April 19, 2022

  •  10. To Tell the Truth

The double comedy and drama, also other genres, to tell the truth, is all set to release on ap pm. The show is an undoubtedly a funny re-imagination game show ever created. The show has match in form of different round ups. In each round of the show celebrities are presented with 3 people who is the same person with talent, job or achievement. Overall, the show celebrities has a chance to grill each participant before taking turns.

Release Date: April 8, 2022.

The Conclusion

Here are the top 10 web series available on Hulu. For April, Hulu has covered every genre, whether love, fiction, real-life, crime, mystery, or. So, if you’ve planned when to watch, let us know in the comments, and if you have any queries and suggestions, do let us know in the comment section below.

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