I Am Legend 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Much More

Have you ever been in a relationship, which seems to be working fine, but after a few years, you realize it was being faked all along, and now everything feels pointless? That is exactly how fans of I Am Legend must be feeling, myself included.

The 2007 movie is arguably a great one that, despite its mixed reception, has now received a cult following. The movie was an adaptation of the eponymous book, authored by Robert Matheson in 1954. And it was very well received at the box office, grossing $585 Million, against a budget of $150 million. 

Feeling this way is because of the release of an alternate ending, which is entirely different from the theatrical end. Though the alternate ending follows the novel’s, it also renders the theatrical ending useless. And due to the gap between the first and second movies (15+ years), it feels pointless that we are receiving a sequel now, which is unnecessary.

With that out of the way, we know about the movie.

I Am Legend 2
I Am Legend 2

I Am Legend 2: Release Date:

( I Am Legend 2 ) The sequel was announced on the 4th of March, and with pre-production commencing soon, it is expected to see a release date of late 2022, if not early-mid 2023. One reason for this uncertainty is the release of Creed III, starring Michael B. Jordan, who is one of the actors in I Am Legend 2. It releases on the 23rd of November this year, and understandably, once that is done, we can expect to see reports and details of I Am Legend 2.

Another reason is that Will Smith has been nominated for several awards, including an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Actor, for his work in King Richard, a movie about the Williams sisters who dominated the women’s tennis game. Due to him being occupied with the awards campaign, the movie’s pre-production will take time, and consequently, so will the release of the movie and trailers.

I Am Legend Cast

Apart from Michael B. Jordan, Will Smith is also reported to be in the movie, which is the cause for the outcry, as mentioned in the opening paragraphs in this article. But that aside, the addition of these two Hollywood heavy hitters is a mouth-watering prospect, seeing how one of them is easily one of the greatest actors of all time, and the other is a rising star capable of holding his own. Apart from these two, we can also expect the cast of I Am Legend to reprise their roles:

  • Alice Braga
  • Charlie Tahan
  • Emma Thompson
  • Salli Richardson
  • Willow Smith
  • Darrel Foster

I Am Legend 2 Trailer

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, due to the extremely recent announcement of the sequel and the other projects the actors are involved in, it is doubtful that we will receive any trailer for the movie for at least another 7-8 months.

So, for now, the most we can do is read up on the original novel, scour through reposts and rumors of the production process, and speculate endlessly amongst our friends and colleagues as to what might take place in the sequel.

However, seeing how it can take up to 7 months to complete all of the production on any movie, we can expect to see a rough trailer in September. Followed by another in November/December, and then the movie’s release in March or April of 2023.

I Am Legend 2 Storyline

We know so far that the concept pitched to Will Smith by Michael B. Jordan impressed Smith enough for him to discuss a sequel with the producers and have it greenlit. As it is a sequel, we can expect it to occur in the survivor’s camp at the end of the first movie.

Considering the events of the last two years, we can also expect to see some real-world parallels in the film, with them uncovering a dark secret plot to infect the population with a deadly virus or something along those lines.

I Am Legend 2 Premiere Date

Taking the details mentioned in the previous paragraphs into account, we can expect to see the first look and trailers between September to December of this year, followed by the movie’s release in March or April of 2023.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, despite the view against the sequel, I would be lying if I said I was not looking forward to seeing this movie and what new story they can build on. It can be another big summer blockbuster, and we should watch the film as soon as we get the chance to do so.

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  1. Why all the copy cat movies. Can’t Hollywood come up with anything original or are all the good writers dead.

    • In the book he was executed, the movie had two different endings. Based on the book, yes he died. Based on the alternative ending, no he did not.

  2. Movies are overrated, he literally died at the end of the book!!! The producers should learn to read… Who the heck was the young boy in the first movie??? He was not an accomplished scientist in the book!!! Dust with spores in/on it is what spread the disease. The woman was a vampire!!! The movies… In my opinion (that is not supported by my family) they shouldn’t make a second book, the movie(s) are as bad as the Percy Jackson movies!!! :/


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