I May Destroy You Season 2 Release Date, Cast and More

I may destroy you is a British drama show that premiered on 7 June 2020. The show got worldwide recognition and was nominated for numerous awards. The show has a great storyline with meaningful content. The show’s fanbase was massive, and indeed the show was great. After completing season one, fans set their eyes on season two dates. The first season with 12 episodes, created a breathtaking storyline, so there were possibilities to see season two.

As the time passed, fans kept asking, Will there be a season two I may destroy? Unfortunately, the show officials weren’t given answers. Finally, the creator and lead role player, Michaela Coel, announced that the series would not renew its second season. It was a sad day for fans from different regions. The show impacted thousands of lives. There were reasons, maybe plenty of them, that’s why the show didn’t want to renew another season. 

I may destroy you based on a disastrous problem where another person physically abuses someone. Michaela Coel wrote the story and played the lead role in the show. She showed how a person rebuilds their life after being raped. Michaela Cole playing Arabella Essiedu, has gone through the same thing and was trying to rebuild her life after being raped. 

I May Destroy You Season 2 Release Date

I May Destroy You Season 2
I May Destroy You Season 2

After the show got popular worldwide, chances were significantly high for I May Destroy You season 2. Unfortunately, the show decided not to renew its second season. The officials announced that there would be no season two for fans. The show’s storyline was engaged with real-life problems and therefore got significantly high recognition from the fans.

After delivering 100% effort and breathtaking hard work, HBO first premiered the show on 7 June 2020 on their network. Furthermore, the show was distributed to other networks for streaming worldwide.

I May Destroy You Cast:-

There is not even a slight chance to witness another season of the series “I may destroy you.” 

However, there could be twists in the future that could lead the show to season two. 

In the upcoming lines, you will get to know about our assumptions for the season two Cast if it receives a renewal:-

  • Michaela Coel will continue to play her part as  Arabella Essiedu. With her confident acting skills and bold looks, she plays the lead role in the show. 
  • Weruche Opia will continue to play her part as Weruche Opia. She is one of my best friends of Arabella. There are significantly high chances to see her in another season if possible. 
  • Paapa Essiedu will continue to play his part as Kwame. 

There are high chances of a different cast in another season with the same storyline but different officials. In addition, there are chances to see the same Cast with new faces by their side.

I May Destroy You Season 2 Trailer

There are no chances to see the trailer of I may destroy you. However, a different cast can lead and continue the show in the future. Nothing is official yet; even if the arrival of a new cast continues the second season, the show will take two or more years to release its trailer.

I may destroy you season one trailer was an absolute masterpiece. The trailer crossed more than 900 thousand views on youtube. 

I May Destroy You Season 2 Storyline

The season one storyline was pretty impressive. The story took care of all the keynotes about the life of a rape victim. Unfortunately, as season two of I May Destroy You is not going to release, we have no clue about its storyline. 

Even if the new Cast continues season two of the show, it will take a vast period for writing another story for the same title. However, we will keep you updated with everything that we’ll get to know about the show.

I May destroy You Season 2 Premiere Date

After confirming the show’s official statements, the second season premiere will not happen. After one season, the show canceled the series and was not looking to move forward with new seasons.

The Conclusion

The show created a massive fanbase. IMDB ratings are expected from the show. It got 8.1 out of 10 stars with 1520 popularity. I May Destroy You is a must-watch show.

If you have any queries about the show or want to share your thoughts, drop them in the comment section. Stay Tuned and bookmark this page for further updates and news.

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