Ice Cube Net Worth

O’Shea Jackson is an American rapper as well as a filmmaker. He is credited with authoring the lyrics for N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton album, which established the gangsta rap music genre in 1988.

Ice Cube went solo after a falling out with the group and has since released 28 albums, including 10 studio albums, 12 soundtrack albums, and 6 compilation albums.

His mother worked as a hospital clerk and custodian, while his father worked as a machinist and UCLA groundskeeper.

Ice Cube began his career in the entertainment sector by founding C.I.A., a rap duo with his friend Sir Jinx. He later joined N.W.A., where he became well-known for his rapping and music-composing abilities.

Ice Cube Information

  • Full Name:               Ice Cube
  • Height:                    6’2”
  • Age:                         51
  • Net Worth:              $160 Million
  • Born:                       June 15, 1969
  • Source of Wealth:   Rapper
  • Country of Origin:  USA

Ice Cube Net Worth

Ice Cube’s net worth was projected to be $160 million as of January 1, 2022. Ice Cube’s distinguished tenure in the music and film sectors has contributed significantly to his riches. In addition to hefty endorsements and other lucrative commercial ventures, the rapper & director make a comfortable living.

Ice Cube’s first significant compensation cheque was from the N.W.A. From his efforts, the rapper made $32,000. While these profits may look tiny, when adjusted for inflation, they might amount to a substantial sum today.

Ice Cube began to believe that his profits were not commensurate with his services to N.W.After a few years with the group. As a result of the misconceptions, he left N.W.A and went solo. Before making his cinematic debut in 1991, Ice Cube rapped for a few years.

Other Achievements of Ice Cube

  • For the movie Boyz n the Hood, Ice Cube won the Chicago Movie Critics Achievement Or results of actions for Most Valuable Actor.
  • At VH1’s Inaugural Hip Hop Awards, he was recognized.

Ice Cube Quick Facts

  • O’Shea Jackson was born on June 15, 1969, in California, to Doris & Hosea Jackson, who worked as a medical clerk and just a groundsman, respectively.
  • He had a passion for hip-hop music when he was a teenager, and he even created rap songs for a keyboarding class at his Los Angeles, high school.
  • He went to the Phoenix Institute of Science and technology in the fall of 1987 to further his education in architectural drawing.

Ice Cube Background

O’Shea Jackson was born in South Central Los Angeles, and as a youngster, he became interested in hip-hop and began creating rap songs in his junior high keyboarding course. He created the rap group N.W.A while studying architectural drawing and began to perform at events sponsored by group member and prominent hip-hop producer Dr. Dre.

America’s Most Wanted & Kill at Will were both released by Ice Cube in 1990, and Kill at Will was the first hip-hop E.P. to earn gold and platinum.

He published The Predator during the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which became the first album in record to debut at the summit of both the conventional and R&B lists. It is still his best-selling record. Ice Cube debuted in John Singleton’s Boyz in the Hood and has since acted in films such as Three Kings, Higher Learning, and XXX: State of the Union.


So this is all from us about Ice Cube’s Net Worth. Despite his age, the rapper-turned-actor has shown no signs of stopping. As of January 1, his net worth of Ice Cube is $160 million.


What is the origin of Ice Cube’s name?

Ice Cube attributes his stage name to his older brother, Clyde, who threatened to throw his younger brother in the freezer until he turned into an ice cube when they were toddlers.

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