Jackass Forever Release Date, Cast, Trailer

 ‘Jackass Forever’ is a Hollywood upcoming real comedy movie; it continues the Jackass Franchise. The first film from the Jackass series was Jackass: The movie, which premiered on October 25, 2002, under the direction of Jeff Tremaine.

Jackass Forever is a documentary type of film which includes drama, comedy, action, slapstick, sports, stunts, etc.

Jackass Forever is a drama film that follows a group of friends who participate in various stunts, comedy shows, and multiple sports.

The films from the ‘Jackass’ series are sources of great amusement, and the movie gained a lot of popularity all across the globe.

If you are a fan of the ‘Jackass’ series and curious about their new release ‘Jackass Forever,’ then this article is for you, you have to go through the whole article to know more facts about the film.

The details of the release date, the cast, the trailer, and the plot of the movie is mentioned below:

Jackass Forever Release Date 2022

This Rom-com drama movie, Jackass Forever, will be released on February 4, adapted from Jackass 2000-2002 (the first three seasons got premiered on MTV).

Paramount Pictures decided to launch this movie theatrically on December 19, 2019. Although it was rescheduled for a release on March 5, 2021, due to COVID, it got canceled, and they decided to launch the movie on the date mentioned earlier.

Jackass Forever Cast

The cast of the movie Jackass Forever will remain the same as the previous movies of the Jackass series. (only Ryan Dunn will not be seen as he died in a car crash in June 2011, and Rip Taylor will not have appeared in the movie as he also died in October 2019.

The movie will follow the similar cast mentioned below:

  • Johnny Knoxville plays the role of Jonathan Knoxville which is a lead character. Steve-o, Wee Man, Chris Pontius, Dave England are some of the other important characters of the movie.
  • Danger Ehren plays the role of a stunt man.
  • Bam Margera: Bam Margera has been fired by the production house for some unknown reason, but the part he shot will be featured in the film.

Other Characters of Jackass Forever:-

  • Preston Lacy
  • Sean Poopies Mclnerney
  • Jasper dolphin
  • Zach Holmes
  • Rachel Wolfson
  • Eric Manaka
  • Compston “Dark shark” Wilson

As mentioned earlier, some of the stars will participate in various breathtaking activities, and some will be making funny gestures. Many more activities will feature in the movie, and here each and everyone plays a very significant role in the film.                               

Jackass Forever made some guest appearances in the movie; the names of the celebs are mentioned below:

  • Eric Andre, Tory Belleci, Shaquille O’ Neal, Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman.
  • Aaron “Jaws” Homki, Francis Ngannou, DJ Paul, Machine Gun Kelly, Tyler, the creator, Jules Sylvester, Danielle O’ Toole.
  • Rob Dyrdek, Chris Raab, The Dudesons.

The guest, as mentioned above, appeared to multiply the aura of the movie.

Like the previous films and TV shows of the ‘Jackass’ series, the writer, director, cameraman, co-producer, photographer, and everyone will appear on the screen.

Director: Jeff Tremaine

Producer and Writer: Spike Jonze

Photographers and Camera Operators: Lance Bangs and Rick Kosick

Jackass Forever 2022
Jackass Forever 2022

Jackass Forever Trailer

The trailer for the movie Jackass Forever was launched by paramount pictures five months ago. The trailer shows us a group of people performing various dangerous activities and conducting them in a funny way. The people featured in the movie are playing with animals, performing stunts in water, sometimes jumping from the high, someone is trying paragliding, Bulls and many other activities chase someone. And they will be having winners and looser at the end.

Bullet Train 2022

Jackass Forever Plot

The movie Jackass Forever does not follow a perfect storyline. But you will not disappoint with the climax. The movie Jackass Forever starts by showing the group of people who teamed up together as “Jackass” are all set to return with their non-sense activities after 11 long years.

The movie proceeded by showing various kinds of stunning activities. People performed dangerous stunts, some with animals, some at high altitudes, and many more activities in a funny way, and at the end of the movie, they will have winners and looser.

The cast is mainly stunt experts; they conduct every stunt magnificently, adding a bit of humor to it. This movie is 1 hr 36 min long, where various activities will occur.

The Conclusion

Jackass Forever is a documentary-based movie full of drama, comedy, slapstick, and various actions displaying various skills and daring.

People from all age groups love this movie and series; people love to watch their insane funny activities and celebrate their victory.

Jackass has a considerable Fan base. Thus they are eagerly waiting for the movie to hit the theatres.

Go watch the movie and enjoy the fantastic presentation of the stars who make it look so natural, making the cinema flawless with their impressive performances.


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