Jeff Bezos Net Worth

Jeff Bezos is the man behind He is a technology entrepreneur as well as a successful businessman from the US. He was adopted after his mother wedded Miguel Bezos, a Cuban immigrant, and was born to Jacklyn Gise & Ted Jorgensen.

His summers were spent building pipes, vaccinating animals, and repairing windmills on his grandfather’s Texas farm. He attained a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Princeton University after graduation from Miami Palmetto Senior High School.

He founded, an online bookstore, and later added features such as one-click ordering, user reviews, and order confirmation through email.

Jeff Bezos Personal Information

  • Age: 58
  • Residence: Washington
  • Height: 5.8”
  • Founder and Executive Chair: Amazon
  • Net Worth: $188 billion
  • Amazon Ownership Stake: 10% ($163 billion)
  • Other Assets: Blue Origin ($9.15 billion private company stake), The Washington Post ($250 million private asset), and $15.6 billion in cash

Jeff Bezos Net Worth

Jeff Bezos is worth $184.5 billion as per the studies. Bezos was a billionaire since 1999 when Amazon went public, and from 2017 through 2020, when he surpassed Bill Gates as the world’s richest man.

Jeff Bezos’ net worth topped $200 billion at one point. If he hadn’t shared his possessions with his ex-wife MacKenzie, then net worth might have surpassed $250 billion.

In early January 2021, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, overtook Bezos as the wealthiest person on the list, and the two have since traded places. As of April 7, Bezos is the second-richest person in the planet, after Musk.

Other Achievements of Jeff Bezos

  • Bezos was awarded an honorary doctorate from CMU in 2008. U.S. News & World Report named him as one of America’s top leaders.
  • Again for Amazon Kindle, Bezos & Gregg Zehr received an Excellence Awards from The Economics expert in 2011. He was selected Successful businessman of the Year by Forbes the next year.
  • In December 2012, the National Retail Federation named Amazon the best retailer of the year, and he earned the Gold Medal Award, which is given to an individual who has excelled in the sector.

Jeff Bezos’s Quick Facts

  • Bezos had a significant influence in the creation and expansion of e-commerce. By offering new features like one-click ordering, user evaluations, and e-mail order verification, the firm has ushered in a change in online shopping.
  • He formed Blue Origin, an aerospace business that is investigating technologies to provide clients with space flight, in 2004 and kept it a secret until a launch and test site was bought.

Jeff Bezos Background

On January 12, 1964, Jeff Bezos was born. His mother’s ancestors were Texas pioneers who had amassed a 25,000-acre ranch in Cotulla over several generations.

When Bezos’ mother married his father, he was still a teenager. She married Miguel Bezos, a Cuban immigrant who attended the University of Albuquerque, following her marriage to Ted Jorgensen ended.

Following their wedding, Miguel Bezos legally adopted Jeff. Following that, the family relocated to Houston, Texas, where Miguel worked for Exxon as an engineer. Jeff went to River Oaks Elementary School Houston during fourth through sixth grade.


So this is all about Jeff Bezos net worth. He is the 2nd wealthiest man of the world having net worth of $188 billion. He is the creator of Amazon, which is the world’s biggest internet retail platform.


What does Jeff Bezos earn every day?

Jeff Bezos earns an estimated $205 million every day. That figure is derived from a series of calculations depending on how much he earns based on his pay and his net worth rise.

What is Jeff Bezos’ current net worth?

As of 7:59 p.m. EST on April 7, 2022, his projected net worth is $196,993,033,796.15. Bezos is the wealthiest person on the planet and in recent times.

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