Jigsaw on Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer

An update for the Netflix users is that another heist series is almost to be aired on Jigsaw’s platform. The series is announced on Twitter, and according to Netflix, to keep the viewers under control, non-linear storytelling would be followed.  

The crucial decisions that would be made by the viewers in the series using the remorse control tend to be the notable feature series has. This particular thing is often easy to incorporate in movies, but it almost seems to be an impossible thing while speaking of series. 

The series revolves around the massive heist ever being done as $70 million in the form of bonds go missing in downtown Manhattan while Hurricane Sandy occurred.

Jigsaw Release Date

Although a fixed release date of Jigsaw has not been made public yet, several reports claim that the series is still in progress in Netflix studios. Jigsaw on Netflix premiere date could be expected in September 2022.

Jigsaw Cast

  • Giancarlo Esposito will play the character of Leo Pap, who is the leader of the heist crew.
  • Ava Mercer, played by Pax Vega, is an attorney who plays things quickly.
  • Rufus Sewell plays the character of Roger Salas. He is an ex-thief who became a security expert.
  • Tati Gabrielle plays the character of Hannah Kim.
  • Peter Mark Kendall plays the character Stan Loomis. He is a smuggler with a romantic heart.
  • Rosaline Elbay plays Judy Goodwin, a character who is an explosive expert.
  • Jai Courtney plays the character of Bob Goodwin. He is the gang’s safecracker.
  • The FBI agent character Nazan Abbasi is played by Niousha Noor.


Jigsaw Trailer

The official trailer has not been there either on YouTube or any other platform yet, but it will soon be made to be reached the audience. We are looking forward to it to provide a general idea about the series, and the about could be known well. 

Jigsaw on Netflix Storyline

The story is based on true events revolving around a huge sum of $70 billion being lost during hurricane Sandy in downtown Manhattan. The series has eight episodes, all of them having a non-linear timeline except for the last one.

That means you can watch the series from any episode, but the 8th one is meant to be watched only at the end.

The story revolves around Leo Pap (Giancarlo Esposito) having a flawless mind and skills similar to an engineer’s and too particular about the details. However, he’s forced to become a thief at a very tender age due to grave situations.

Even after getting a chance to leave the world of theft and start a new life, he finds that he’s unable to do so, and it results in costing him his freedom along with the family. 

Another character Vega (Ava Mercer), an attorney by profession, is shown to be a woman passionate about her career. She is a good housekeeper and great in the courtroom as well. 

Then there comes Nasan Abbasi ( Niousha Noor), an FBI agent in charge of finding out the whereabouts of the money lost and putting the crew of thieves down. The series seems to be quite interesting for the people who watch thriller and heist dramas.

The Conclusion

The information about the series is minimal yet. As the shooting of the series is still going on, the information will slowly reveal until the suspense remains about the actual events and incidents the series have covered.

Overall, people were waiting eagerly and excited for the series, and so we are. You can bookmark this page for regular updates and news regarding Jigsaw TV Series.

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