John Madden Net Worth

John Madden was a well-known NFL player, sportscaster, and businessman. Despite having a great run in the NFL coaching career, John is must known for his escapades after his playing days were done. As an NFL pundit, he climbed to notoriety, eventually promoting “Madden NFL,” one of the most successful video game series of all time.

John Madden Information

  • Net Worth:       $200 M
  • Age:                 85 years old
  • DOB:                April 10, 1936 – December 28, 2021
  • Gender:           Male
  • Height:            6 ft 3″
  • Profession:      American Football coach American football player,
  • Nationality:     USA

John Madden Net Worth

The net worth of John Madden is reported to be approximately $220 million as of 2021. John is a television idol and an American football coach. Between 2005 and 2009, his earnings from video games amounted to almost $2 million per year.

John Madden Quick Facts

  • Madden had dreams of playing in the NFL after college, but he was injured in his first training camp against Philadelphia Eagles in 1958, which ended his career.
  • Madden joined the Oakland Raiders as a linebacker coach in 1967 and became the NFL’s youngest head coach two years later.
  • The ultimate cash cow for Madden was a deal with EA Sports to sell NFL video games with his name and picture on them.
  • He was also paid $150 million for agreeing to let EA Sports exploit his name and likeness in video games in perpetuity.
  • Madden left football in 1979 to pursue a career as a broadcaster, where he made up to $8 million per year.
  • His final regular assignment, also alongside Michaels, was as a pundit for NBC’s Sunday Night Football.
  • He was also the final color commentator for ABC’s Monday Night Football until it was relocated to ESPN in 2006. He co-hosted the show with Al Michaels.
  • Madden has also penned many books and worked as a commercial pitchman for a number of companies and stores.
  • He worked as the principal color commentator for all four major networks during his tenure.
  • Madden worked as a color broadcaster on NFL games for all four major American tv stations from 1979 through 2008.

Early Years

John Earl Madden was born in Austin, Minnesota, in 1936. John began his professional playing and coaching career in 1967 as the linebackers coach for the Oakland Raiders. He was put in charge trainer after two seasons. John was the defensive line coach at San Diego State from 1964 to 1966, when the Aztecs were the best small college team in the country with a 26-4 record.

He taught at Hancock Junior College in Santa Maria, California, from 1960 to 1963. After suffering an injury during his debut season with the Philadelphia Eagles, Madden spent his time studying football movies and instructing. He went on to get a teaching degree, and his passion for football became even more entwined with his profession.

John has had an incalculable impact on the history of American football. He has worked as a pundit, publicly criticizing and pointing out where players went wrong. After retiring as a football coach, he even made money as a pundit.


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When did John Madden pass away?

John Madden was 85 years old and died on December 28, 2021.

How was the career of John Madden ended?

In 1957 and 1958, John was a starter on both offence and defence for California Polytechnic College, and he was named to the All-Conference team. He was drafted in the 21st round of the 1958 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles as a future pick, but a knee injury in his first season terminated his pro career abruptly.

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