Joker 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and more

It is time now that our readers get that happy face going on since Joker 2 will grace the silver screen with all the magic it holds as a marvelous piece of the movie (pun intended). The DC franchise has announced the return of this hit movie.

“Folie à deux” title of this movie must have got you wondering what this means? Don’t you worry? We got you covered here. This title is a French word that means “Shared psychosis” and refers to a mental illness shared by two or more people.

In May 2021, a sequel was confirmed, and ever since then, fans have wondered when the movie would be out? This DC franchise already has a huge fan base, which makes the producers sigh less since the fans are very much looking forward to this movie.

It was recently brought to our attention that the script has been completed. So stay with us for a quick read, and we will bring out the most accurate details serving your quenched thirst to know all about this much-anticipated movie of Joker 2 by the writer-director Todd Phillips.

Joker 2 Release Date

Joker 2
Joker 2

There are reliable sources that say that the script of the movie has already been completed and there might be some official word very soon, but unfortunately, there is not a release date set for the Joker 2 yet as of today!

Joker 2 Cast

As we mentioned earlier, from the title, we can predict that Author Fleck may grace the silver screen as a shared protagonist on the screen as the title goes along.

Joaquin Phoenix bagged an oscar as Arthur Fleck on is a hall of fame for his performance in the previous sequel of this story. The Dc must be looking forward to another strike of oscar all over again and ensure Joaquin will be back as Aruther Fleck for the leading role.

There are not any of the characters we can predict for a comeback further yet for joker part 2. However, we will update you if any other updates catch our eyes.

Joker 2 Trailer

With the only detail of us carrying the script being wound up, we are afraid the second installment of this movie is miles away from its first official trailer and not available for the audiences yet.

The Development of the second part of this critically acclaimed movie has already been announced back in May 2021, which tells us that renewal is confirmed. Still, it will be a long journey before we see the movie on the screens as DC has yet several movies lined up for its release, which will take quite a time frame.

Joker makers would want the premiere of this movie to be out with all the attention of the world on itself for its franchise, so it would only be a surprise if the movie hits the screens anytime before late 2023.

Joker 2 Storyline

The movie has no solid, predictable plot since the makers always tend to surprise DC fans worldwide. In the final scene of the previous movie, it was observed Arthur was being locked in the hospital of Arkham State, as he was arrested post riots in Gotham city by the police.

Later the previous movie ended with Arthur dancing out of the hospital corridor with his bloody footprints all along his way, which can be presumed was due to Arthur killing and escaping the doctors. So we expect the movie might continue in part 2 with this end of the story!

The Conclusion

The first part of this movie brought mental health into the spotlight for the viewers. We hope this trend will continue, and we expect a fairer representation of this story’s delicate essence, which shall be touching to all the viewers.

Did you watch the previous part of the movie? Wrapping up the best details we could get from you here, it is time to take your leave! Bookmark our page, and keep following our blog for more recent updates on Joker 2. Happy-Binge Watching!

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