Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Jordan Belfort is a businessman, author, and former stockbroker from the United States. He is known for being a motivational speaker and author. His autobiography, called “The Wolf of Wall Street” is his most well-known work. In 1999, he pled guilty to stock-market manipulation and penny-stock fraud, as well as other offenses.

Jordan Belfort Information

  • Net Worth:        $100 Million
  • Date of Birth:    Jul 9, 1962
  • Gender:             Male
  • Age:                  59 years old
  • Height:               1.7M
  • Profession:        Entrepreneur, Author, Film Producer, Motivational speaker, Screenwriter
  • Nationality:       United States of America

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Jordan Belfort Net Worth is $100 million. Jordan was the CEO of Stratton Oakment, a financial corporation that conducted pump-and-dump operations that stole hundreds of millions of dollars from clients between 1989 and 1996. Belfort and Danny Porush, the firm’s co-founders, were prosecuted for stocks fraud and tax evasion in 1999.

They both entered guilty pleas. In return for cooperation with prosecutors, their sentences were lowered. Jordon Belfort’s net worth surpassed $2 billion dollars at one point. Jordan Belfort’s net worth has climbed by 40 percent in the last two years.

Jordan Belfort Quick Facts

  • Jordan Belfort was born in the Bronx, in 1962 and grew up in Queens, New York. He is the son of Jewish parents.
  • Jordan began selling ice cream and puka shell necklaces on the beach when he was a teenager.
  • Prosecutors eventually claimed that his financial schemes cost $200 million to investors.
  • A single speaking engagement costs between $30,000 and $70,000.
  • In his early years, he worked for a meat company, where he broke the company’s sales record in his first week on the job.
  • He once racked up a $700,000 hotel bill and made love to his wife on a $3 million cash bed.
  • At his height, he earned $50 million in a single year.
  • Jordan ended himself in prison, where his cellmate, Tommy Chong from the “Cheech and Chong” movies, persuaded him to write a book about his story.
  • He was ordered to pay restitution of $110 million.
  • Has repaid a total of $10 million in reparations.
  • Jordan’s exceptional sales abilities propelled him to the top of the company’s sales board, where he earned about $70,000 every month.
  • Martin Scorsese, a legendary film director, purchased the film rights to Jordan’s book and produced “The Wolf of Wall Street.”
  • Jordan now has a YouTube podcast and is a successful sales trainer.

Jordan Belfort Educational Background

Jordan went to the University of Maryland for dentistry school after graduating from high school. He departed during orientation on the first day of class; however after the lecturer made a speech in which he stated that dentists would never be wealthy. He finally graduated from American University with a degree in biology.

Jordan Belfort Childhood

Jordan pursued a career as a stockbroker at the storied Rothschild business in New York City. On “Black Monday,” October 19, 1987, he became a licensed stockbroker for the first time. Jordan sold “pink sheet” stocks in the OTC market for a firm named “The Investors Center” after the company closed its doors.

Jordan led a lavish lifestyle while at the helm of Stratton. He was famous for inventing the “Straight Line Persuasion” sales strategy, which he used to turn his staff into a “killing squad.” Jordan, on the other hand, was an unscrupulous broker who was fined by the SEC for many infractions.


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Jordan Belfort stole how much money?

Jordon Belfort has defrauded stockholders of over $300 million dollars.

What was Jordan Belfort’s net worth at the time?

Jordan stole over $200 million from his victims throughout his deceptive reign of terror. He was forced to pay restitution of $110 million. He has only paid $10 million as of this writing. As a result, his net worth is minus $100 million.

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