Kelly Ripa made fun of American Journalist David Muir Publicly Diclosing Secret

February 21, 2022: The current season of American Idol is hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Kelli Ripa; in the absence of Ryan, the American journalist and prominent anchor were asked to host the show in association with Kelli Ripa.

In the course of the morning segment, Kelly Ripa pokes fun at her temporary co-host David Muir by revealing the secret of the 48-year-old journalist. She claims that she knows little funny thing about him as a natural person, which made laugh the jury members and audience.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but dancing on the ceiling is David Muir’s Karaoke song” – Kelly Ripa.

When Kelly was announcing the name of the next participant in the American idol, David Muir interrupted him and excitedly screamed the name of Lionel Ritchie. In order to pull the leg of David Muir, Kelly then brings to light his unknown secret. The American actress Kelly Ripa says, “In case you want to audition” in addition with “A lot of people don’t know this but dancing on the ceiling is David Muir’s Karaoke song,” making reference to Lionel’s hit song of 1986 in front of all the jury members and judges Katy, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

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Kelly Ripa and David Muir have been friends for a very long time; they have worked together and share a perfect bond. She keeps roasting him, saying, “We have hard-hitting questions coming up; this is why you brought a news anchor in.” Finally, Kelly eases off and says, “This is why the big gun is here.”

David Muir is an American journalist and an anchor who sometimes appears on TV shows as a host, and Kelly Maria Ripa, the American actress, dancer, and TV show host and producer, shares a good bond with each other. They are a very close friend of each other and their sweet moments always reflects on screen.

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