Kissing Booth 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More Updates

A teen love story or a tale of friendship? What best describes the series ‘Kissing Booth’? Well, it is both. It is a lovely and fascinating comedy film that successfully attracts the attention of youngsters. Vince Marcello’s Kissing Booth follows three main characters: Elle, Lee, and Noah.

Three parts of Kissing Booth have been premiered so far, with the last one being released on August 11, 2021. There is a lot of confusion among the viewers regarding whether the film will have a fourth sequel.

This article will try to clear the doubts regarding the Kissing Booth 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline, and much more. So, continue reading this article.

Kissing Booth 4 Release Date

This romantic film was first premiered on May 11, 2018, on Netflix, while its second and third sequels were released on July 24, 2020, and August 11, 2021. The movie got so much love and appreciation from the viewers that every one out of three watchers watched it twice.

Now when it comes to the release date of Kissing Booth 4, we would like to make it very clear that most of the actors from the cast have confirmed that Kissing Booth 4 is not going to happen. Moreover, Netflix also has not yet provided any update regarding the fourth installment of the movie.

Kissing Booth Cast

Fans predict that Kissing Booth 4 Storyline could be either about Lee and Rachel’s marriage and Elle and Noah’s reunion, or it can depict the college life of Elle in a precap. Apart from these, many other things are also possible. But if that’s the case, then the Kissing Booth 4 cast may include the following:

  • Joey King will again be seen as Elle Evans, Lee’s best friend and Noah’s love interest.
  • Joel Courtney will portray the role of Lee Flynn, who is one of the main characters in the film.
  • Jacob Elordi will play the role of Noah Flynn, who is Lee’s elder brother.
  • Meganne Young will play the role of Lee’s love interest, Rachel.
  • Stephen Jennings will play the role of Mike Evans, while Chloe Williams will act as Joni Evans.
  • Carson White will play the role of Brad Evans, while Molly Ringwald will be seen playing Lee’s mother’s character, Sara Flynn.
  • Morné Visser will portray the role of Mr. Flynn, while the role of OMG girls’ head, Mia, will be played by Jessica Sutton.
  • Cast for Kissing Booth 4 may also include Byron Langley portraying Warren’s role, Judd Akron acting as Ollie, Hilton Pelser acting as Barry, and Sanda Shandu playing the role of Randy.

Kissing Booth 4 Cast may also have some new entries according to its plot.

Kissing Booth 4 Trailer

The movie is completely based on Beth Reekles’ novels. Unfortunately, the third season of Kissing Booth ended in the same way as her last novel did. This is one of the biggest reasons to conclude that Kissing Booth 4 never meant to happen, as Beth will not write any more sequels to the novel.

Also, there has been no announcement by Netflix regarding the next sequel of the movie, which means that the Kissing Booth 4 Trailer has not been released so far.

The Conclusion

Almost all the actors in the main cast of Kissing Booth have given their consent for considering Kissing Booth 3 to be the final wrap-up of the story. But the fans don’t want to see such an end for the movie where Elle and Noah don’t unite.

Moreover, some more things also seem incomplete. A lot more could have happened to mark a beautiful and happy ending.

This could be the reason for poor ratings and reviews for Kissing Booth 3, which left the audience unsatisfied. On the other hand, fans’ dissatisfaction with the movie’s end may convince the producers to go for Kissing Booth 4.

We will inform you if any such thing happens in the future, but make sure to visit us frequently.

Did you watch Kissing Booth 3? If yes, you can tell us in the comments whether you are satisfied with its ending or not!

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