Lisey’s Story Season 2 Release Date, Cast and More

Apple TV+ never fails to provide its viewers with an excellent catalog of series and movies. Lisey’s story is one such American horror drama that got premiered on this OTT platform on June 4, 2021. The series was directed by Pablo Larraín, produced by J. J Abrams, and stars the famous American actress and author Julianne Moore in the lead role.

The miniseries are based on the novel Lisey’s Story by Stephen King, published in 2006.

Once you watch the series, you will get to know that it has layers hidden under layers and touches all the emotions and feelings at once. This series is about a woman and the strength of a woman and is a mix of horror, love, romance, drama, pain, mystery, and thriller. The series received many positive reviews after the first season premiered and received an IMDb rating of 5.8/10. 

Since the release of this highly overwhelming drama series, viewers are eagerly waiting on the notification for the renewal of the series. Here is all that you need to know about this series.

Lisey’s Story Season 2 Release Date

Lisey’s Story Season 2

We have not received any official announcement from the makers and even Apple TV+ yet on the renewal of the series. But taking into consideration how the last episode of season 1 ended, we can expect Lisey’s Story Season 2 to be released soon with a completely different storyline. Also, considering the period, we can hope to have the release date of Lisey’s Story Season 2 somewhere around 2023.

Lisey’s Story Season 2 Cast

We can expect the following characters to be present in Lisey’s Story Season 2. The whole series showcased the strength and role of women. Julianne Moore played a significant role in the series as the lead character Lisey Landon.

Surrounding Lisey Landon were two more important female characters that formed the best trio and had a feeling of love and togetherness, the Debusher sisters. Joan Alle as Amanda Debushar, the trouble maker, and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Darla Debushar.

Apart from this trio, other characters are expected in Lisey’s Story Season 2 are:-

  • Clive Owen as Scott Landon for flashback scenes. The rest of the characters from the series is still a complete mystery, as Lisey’s Story Season 2 would be a completely original work bringing in more mystery and drama.

Lisey’s Story Season 2 Trailer

There is no official update about Lisey’s Story Season 2 Trailer. But we can expect it to be out sometime in 2023. The trailer would surely continue all the events in Lisey’s Story Season 1, filled with lots of drama, mystery, and thriller.

Lisey’s Story Season 2 Storyline

This mini-series adapts the novel Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. Stephen King is a well-known American author famous for his stories based on horror, mystery, thriller, suspense, and crime. The series Lisey’s Story revolves around its main character Lisa “Lisey” Landon, the widow of famous writer Scott Landon. Lisey found it very difficult to lead a normal life after her husband’s death and was mostly busy fending off parties interested in obtaining Scott’s unpublished manuscripts.

The twist in the plot takes place while Lisey discovers a tressure hunt that Scott has left for her while sorting his possessions. The later part of the series shows Lisey revisiting memories of her marriage through the treasure hunt Scott has left her but gets to know that she is being stalked by a psychopath fan of Scott who thinks Lisey is selfishly keeping Scott’s works in secret and away from the world.

Lisey’s Story Season 2 Premiere Date

There has been no update on the premiere date of Lisey’s Story Season 2. But taking into consideration the number of love viewers have given to the miniseries. We can expect a renewal of the series sometime soon, in 2023.

Lisey’s Story Renewal Status

Lisey’s Story Season 2 is not yet up for renewal; thus, we can say that the series stands on hold until any further announcement. 

The Conclusion

Stephen King is a well-known writer and is famous for his work. These miniseries adapt one of his famous novels Lisey’s Story. Thus, we can conclude that the miniseries holds a great narrative and is a must-watch. So if you have not watched the series yet, do watch it before we get any news on the release of Lisey’s Story Season 2.

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